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Prepping Your Home for Spring

Winter is finally towards the bitter end and Spring is right around the corner. Many welcome sunshine and warm weather after a long winter. Depending on where you live your home most likely has been covered in snow and neglected for most of the winter season. Whether you live in sunshine all year or experience harsh winter weather, it is time to brush off the old and bring in the new with a few preparations for Spring.

• Test Your Air Conditioner – You will be using your air conditioner a lot more soon. Turn on your AC and make sure it is working properly. Look for any signs of water leaks, unusual sounds and ability to blow cool air. If you detect any issues you will want to contact a repair company immediately. You don’t want to wait until a hot Spring day to be without air conditioning.

• Swimming Pool Maintenance – It’s time to clean the pool and get ready for great backyard barbecues for Spring. Conduct maintenance on your pool by removing debris, checking the water level, measuring the pH scale, alkalinity and acidity, as well as checking the circulation system. If you are unfamiliar with pool maintenance, you may want to contact a professional to conduct the inspection.

• Lawn Maintenance – Remove weeds and unwanted plants from your yard. This will allow you to begin planting your Spring garden, or give you the chance to create a new landscape for the season.

• Inspect Your Roof – You will want to have a professional come out and inspect your roof in order to assure that shingles are in good condition and that caulking and sealants are doing their job.

• Open the Windows – During the winter months your home has been closed up and has toxins in the air that were produced from heating sources, cooking and more. Open every window and allow fresh air to clear out the winter toxins. This is also a great time to clean the blades of ceiling fans and make sure they are in working order.

• Clean the Gutters – The winter months surely have allowed the gutters to trap a variety of debris. Clean the gutters carefully to assure the Spring rain will flow through them easily.

• Test the Sprinkler System – Test the sprinkler system to make sure it is working properly and adjust the direction to assure it reaches every area of your lawn. Be sure to check with your local laws regarding water limitations and adhere to the rules.

Spring is a time for new beginnings and a fresh start. Prepare your home today using these helpful tips. Remember to keep a close eye on any damage that may have been done to your home during the winter season. Always fix any issues your home has immediately to avoid added expenses and problems. Prepare your home today and enjoy the sunshine!

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