Home Design Trends

2014 Home Décor Trends

The celebration of the New Year has long been a time for making improvements and changes. While some people focus on changes to their lifestyle and habits, others look to make enhancements to their home décor. Here are some of the hottest trends in home décor for 2014!


Each year, designers all around the globe give their input on the top colors for the upcoming year. For 2014, the palette of shades that appear in Pantone’s Color Report, as most popular, are bright, vibrant colors, as well as a few traditional neutrals that include:

Radiant Orchid Pantone Home Design Cayenne Pantone Home Design Dazzling Blue Pantone Home Design Placid Blue Pantone Home Design Sand Pantone Home Design Paloma Pantone Home Design
If the goal of your décor is elegant and feminine, try a classic white base with accessories and an accent wall painted Radiant Orchid. For a more modern look, consider Palorna as a base color, accented with black and red. For a more cottage feel, we like Sand as a base, accented with Placid Blue and off whites.


It seems that the biggest furniture trend for home décor in 2014 is using pieces that are unique, functional and versatile. Coffee tables and ottomans that provide storage and hide contents, open shelving solutions for the kitchen that are practical as well as beautiful, and home office designs that combine efficient working surfaces with touches of whimsy, just to name a few. The theme that seems to be common among so many of the designer spaces for 2014 is combining distinctive pieces (often antique or recycled), lots of wonderful storage options, and just a hint of modern luxury.

Accent Pieces

If you would like to achieve a designer look, without the cost of replacing your entire décor each year or season, then you will love the 2014 trend of using accent pieces. Begin with a neutral base for your paint, flooring, and furnishings, and then use colorful accents to add a pop of color to any space. Favorites include throw pillows with chevron styling, rugs in intense, modern prints, and brightly colored glass lamp bases. To make an even bolder statement with your accent pieces, large murals in vivid colors will do the trick.

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