Contemporary Dining Room

Creating a Contemporary Dining Room

A gathering together with family or friends for a meal has always been a very special event and the dining room area in your home plays a key role in making this possible. To enhance the value of special social occasions and everyday mealtimes, use these ideas to create your very own contemporary dining room that is as fabulous as the memories you will make in it.


Warm & “Homey”

Modern contemporary décor is all about making your space feel comfortable, as well as beautiful. To give your dining room contemporary flair, use a warm color palette that makes guests and family feel at home when they step into the room. Inviting colors include shades of brown, cream, green, blue, and even red.

Centerpiece Focal Point

The dining area is a very natural place to create a focal point in the center of the room and this adds to the feel of a contemporary theme. Whether you opt for a large light fixture, a beautiful centerpiece placed on the table, or even a combination of these two, the idea is to draw the eye to the center of the room and create a focal point that is both unique and attention grabbing.

Material Mix Ups

Another element important for creating a contemporary dining room is the material selection. To truly embrace the style of contemporary, use a mixture of materials to give the room a bit of a coordinated eclectic look. If you use wood flooring and furniture, for example, consider glass shelving and a glass table top as well as chairs with fabric seats. On the other hand, a wood table adds warmth to a dining area with floors made of natural stone, such as granite, travertine or White Macedonia and Mystery White marble.

Color Splash

Many contemporary dining rooms will be characterized by a basic color palette with a bright splash of color added. Ideas for adding color include traditional or inlaid tile “rugs”, accent walls painted in a bright, yet coordinating color, chair cushions, and even colorful artwork or dishes on display. Dazzling green or blue pairs well with brown color schemes, orange or red works wonders with black and white themes, and intense shades of purple can really brighten a cream colored room.

Make It Sparkle

As you are adding the finishing touches on your contemporary dining room design, don’t forget to include a little shimmer! One popular way to achieve this look is by adding chrome accents. Other ideas include light reflecting crystal or cut glass, flooring or other surfaces with glittery veins (like Satumia Gold granite), or even flickering candles placed around the room decoratively.

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