Marble Flooring - White Kitchen

Classic Marble Flooring Picks

In life, something only becomes a classic because it has withstood the test of time. It has weathered generations of people and trends, still coming out as a look that is popular and desired. Marble is a material that has proved itself to be a classic, time and time again. Here are some of our favorite picks for marble flooring choices that have ageless beauty and timeless style.

Black & White Patterned

The stark contrast between black and white marble has long been used as an ideal flooring choice, making it one of our classic marble flooring picks. One option is using a checkerboard pattern, with optional solid black border to define the edges. This is especially popular in kitchens, hallways, and bathrooms. See how Marmol used this striking pattern in our Palm Beach project here. For a more glamorous look using classic black and white marble, consider laying it in a chevron pattern or some other interesting geometric shape. Finally, black and white marble also looks fabulously classic when it is designed in a focal point fashion, such as an inlaid “rug” in a dining area or an intricately patterned mosaic in a foyer.

Chic Shades of White

Possibly one of the most elegant and classic marble flooring options is simple shades of white. Whether you are referencing a solid, such as Thassos or Athena White, or one with veins of grey like Calacatta or Ajax, white marble patterns can be used in nearly any space where classic style is desired. White marble is also a favorite due to its ability to lighten and brighten up a dim or closed off space. Classic homes with excessive amounts of rich and dark woods, like mahogany or cherry, often use white marble as a flooring choice to add illumination to the otherwise shadowy space. Additionally, white marble flooring can be an asset when used in basements, bathrooms, or other rooms without a lot of natural light or open space, due to its ability to make the floor seem larger or more open.

Dressed up in Black

If you are looking for “black tie” style in your home or space, then look no further than classic marble floors in shades like Obsidian or Graphite. This ageless flooring choice works well in very modern decors, as well as those designed with a more traditional character that simply want an extra touch of luxury or grandeur. Black marble is also quite popular in creating distinguished office space flooring and makes an impressive choice for nearly any entryway area. No matter where you choose to use this “little black dress” of marble flooring, it is sure to make a grand statement in your space.

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