Marble in the Bathroom

Nothing can beat the glamour and sophistication of using marble in the bathroom. Timeless, stylish and utterly luxurious, marble can make even a small bathroom look chic and elegant because of its posh and royal feel. Whether you are searching for a modern and contemporary feel in your bathroom, or are after a classic and pristine touch, marble has the opulence that will instantly make you fall in love!

A complete decorative masterpiece on its own, remodeling your bathroom with the aesthetic appeal of marble can make it the center of attention in no time. With a variety of colors, patterns and designs, marble surely has the charm and glamour to catch your eye.

Are you looking to make your bathroom stylish and modern with some beautiful marble additions on the flooring and accessories? Keep reading to learn everything you want to know, from design ideas to maintenance. Happy decorating!

Marble Designs in the Bathroom

When it comes to designing your bathroom with marble, the choices are endless. Marble is a soft and delicate rock, and its subtle colors and riveting patterns work best in the bathroom. Light and muted shades of marble are best suited in bathrooms, and usage of soft colors also makes your bathroom appear bigger, brighter and more refreshing.

Marble tiling is, of course, the best way to incorporate the contemporary rock in your bathroom; however, you can also pair the flooring with an array of other furnishings and accessories, like basins, backsplashes, wall tiles and bench tops.

Soft and light colors look best on the floor tiles as they give a more open and clean feel to your entire bathroom. Pure whites, soft grays and refreshing greens or blues are some of the best colors for marble floor tiles. As far as designs of marble in the bathroom are concerned, Calacatta, Crema Marbella and Bianco Carrara are our top picks.

The appearance of marble with attractive swirling patterns is one of the main characteristics that add to its beauty. Glossy and unique, marble is one of the best design choices that you can add in your bathroom for a royal and luxurious touch for years.


The main advantage of using marble in the bathroom is its durability. Marble literally lasts for a lifetime and this tough structure makes it best suited to be used around the house for a splash of color and beauty. The cost of marble may make it sound a little heavy on the pocket, but for its longevity, beauty and contemporary and classic feel, the investment is truly worth it!

Maintenance Considerations

In order to retain the beauty and natural luster of marble for years to come, it is important to pay attention to its maintenance and regular cleaning. Marble tiling and accessories should be regularly cleaned with a chlorine-free cleaning liquid and wiped promptly to preserve their look and appeal. If maintained and cared regularly, marble finishing can last for years and continue to add style, beauty and a regal grandeur to your bathroom!

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