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Natural Stones to Use For a Minimalist Approach

The Scandinavian minimalist design is easy to accomplish. Here’s how you can use natural stones to create an effortless minimalist feel in your space.


The minimalist approach, derived from Scandinavian design, refers to a design movement where the focus of a room is not about how much you have, but how you utilize texture and space.

Perfect for spaces both large and small, minimalism refuses to be cluttered or excessive. Largely focusing on a monochrome or black and white color palette, the minimalist design focuses on using the bare minimum with color, furniture, and decor while paying special attention to textures and shapes to create a visual masterpiece.

Here is how you can use natural stones for a minimalist approach in your home.

The Minimalist Color Palette

While the minimalist design doesn’t necessarily stick to black, white, and gray, these are the prominent colors in the minimalist pattern. These colors are popular because they are neutral and create a sense of calm. These fresh, crisp colors can be anything from contrasting blacks and whites to subtle greige hues.

You can highlight these shades with your natural stone choice. Choosing silky whites, such as the White Onyx Premium adds a refined elegance to your space that makes it feel clean and fresh. Black Crystal is another great choice that plays with white, gray, and threads of blue to give your minimalistic space just a hint of color.

If you want to incorporate color into a minimalist design, be sure to stay with earth tones such as browns and soft greens and blues. Organic colors are best for this particular style.

Natural Stone with Pattern

Minimalist designs love to play with patterns and texture, so why not incorporate this into your natural stone choices for countertops, floors, and backsplashes?

Rainbow Gray Quartzite is an amazing choice for creating a stunning focal piece that visual interest. The Mont Blanc marble slab is another great choice for drawing the eye.

All White Rooms

When designing with a minimalistic approach in mind, it’s important to keep the space free of excess. No unnecessary furniture and limited decor items. When your mind isn’t fixated on furniture and staging, you’re free to play with other important elements of this Scandinavian style, such as decorating with a monochrome palette.

One of the most popular styles in minimalism is designing a room in all white colors. This is perfect for a chic and modern kitchen. Imagine creamy white cabinets accented by Statuario marble counters and a White Diamond backsplash. These opulent shades of luxurious natural stone will go perfectly with your monochrome space.

Minimalism isn’t for everyone, but those who do decorate in this Scandinavian-inspired style appreciate it’s clean, crisp beauty. Whether you’re searching for the right color, ambiance, texture or organic patterns, you can’t go wrong using our breathtaking natural stone in your minimalist home design.

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