Contemporary Kitchen

Creating A Contemporary Look With Marble

Marble is often associated with elegance, and a style that is old world or very classic in feel.  However, even an extremely modern home can be complemented with marble, if you understand how to use it correctly.  Here are some tips for creating a contemporary look in your home using marble.

Embrace Contemporary Colors

While it is true that many marble choices are primarily white and devoid of strong color, there are also quite a few vividly colored marble designs as well.  Black colorings, such as obsidian and graphite make for a very modern look, as well as those with jeweled hues, like empress green, rojo alacante, and iceberg blue.  Select colors that are bold and that stand out, giving your space a modern appeal.

Select Interesting Designs

Contemporary looks are often known for their abstract designs and much of today’s marble follows this trend and can really complement the modern style.  Select patterns that are interesting and unique, and that don’t necessarily follow a standard or consistent design.  Some of our favorites include rainforest green, silver wave, or portoro.

Create Attractive Patterns

If you prefer a more plainly designed marble, consider making the look more contemporary by using two or more simple color choices and creating a contrasting pattern with them.  Geometric couplings of marble tile can really make a statement. Thasos paired with graphite gives a bold and stark contrast, or for a softer feel, consider alternating eramosa with emperador.

Highlight & Accent

Another characteristic of a contemporary style is good use of materials and colors to highlight and accent certain areas of the space.  Marble is a wonderful material to use for this, especially in fireplaces, backsplashes, accent walls, and even inlaid tile “rugs”.  Use colors and designs that complement the surrounding marble, but that has enough character to really stand out at the same time.


As with nearly any space, the accessories really do add a finishing touch and work to reinforce the style that you have selected.  When creating a contemporary look with marble, be sure to select accessories that accentuate your marble selections, as well as emphasize the modern décor scheme.

Create Transitions

As you move throughout your home, the style should be consistent, even if the colors and trends change, and there should be transitions that pull the spaces together.  When working with marble in a contemporary home, consider using the same marble in multiple places or uses, to bring the looks together.  For example, a kitchen with a mink marble backsplash may have the same mink marble in the entryway or the bathroom shower wall design.  While you don’t want too much of the same kind of material, strategically placing matching marble throughout a home can create cohesion and subtle transitions that make all the difference in a home.

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