Creating a Dining Room Perfect for Entertaining

Creating a Dining Room Perfect for Entertaining

If you’re preparing for an upcoming event, you’ve probably been giving extra attention to your dining room.

Your dining room likely holds a lot of memories. This is the area you turn to for hosting family dinners, holidays, celebrations, birthdays, and meal time. No matter what the occasion, setting up your dining room for entertaining is essential when you’re having a get-together.


Staging your dining room as your entertainment area for the evening is a fun and simple to do. We’re showing you 4 ways to create a dining room perfect for entertaining your guests.

1. Finding your Style

When you’re planning to entertain, you’re going to want to create a certain style and ambiance to your room. Start by choosing the style you want to portray. For example, a classic dining area features at least six chairs and an accommodating table. Rustic designs may feature an antique table, distressed furniture, and mismatched chairs. A modern dining room may feature a glass or marble table and sleek seating arrangements.

2. Seating Arrangements

When it comes to dining room entertaining, seating is everything. Firstly, you’re going to want to make sure that you sit couples across from one another and create a seating arrangement that promotes conversation for the entire table. Second, choose a seating ensemble that will be comfortable for all parties involved. For example, some trendy dining room tables now feature armchairs on one side and bench seating on the other. While this looks stylish and sleek, bench seating does not offer back support and may not be comfortable for your guests.

3. The Ambiance

The way you decorate your dining room for entertaining will set the stage for the rest of the night. Once you have your dining table picked out, you’ll want to find a sleek light fixture to hang directly over your table. This will make the gathering feel more intimate. Next find a fabulous, printed area rug under your table. This makes the room feel warm, inviting, and can easily add a pop of color and stylish flare. It’s also a clever idea to have an alternative seating area available.

Another great idea is to incorporate a set of chairs alongside a small coffee table at the other end of the room. This lets guests know they are free to feel at home, sitting where they like. If your room is large enough you can use two different area rugs to define each seating space.

4. Table D├ęcor

Centerpieces don’t have to be just for special occasions. Play with different focal pieces in the center of your dining room table to add interest, height, and depth to your space. Some examples of centerpieces include a large bouquet of flowers, a collection of pillar candles at all different heights, or colored glass pieces. Further, decorate your dining area by setting up a table runner, placemats, matching cloth napkins, silverware, and plates.

Make your dining room the perfect area for entertaining and create a memorable experience for your guests by using these 4 simple steps. Want more inspiration? Check out some of our favorite dining room looks.

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