Large Format Tile Floor

Deciding on the Right Tile Size for Your Floors

If you’ve been thinking of updating your flooring, you know choosing the right material, color and size are all very important decisions. Spruce up the look of your home by removing outdated flooring and create a larger looking space with tile. Tile is durable, easy to clean, long lasting and adds value to your home (particularly natural stone tiles, like marble and granite). Floor tile is generally manufactured in squares and rectangles that range from ½” to ¾” in thickness and come in a variety of sizes to choose from. Selecting the right tile size for your floors is essential to creating the look you desire.

Measure the Room

Use a tape measure to learn the square footage of the floor space. To do so, measure the width and length of the room then multiply the two together. Small to medium-sized rooms typically work better with larger-sized tiles. Remember the larger the tile size, the bigger the space appears.


You should also think of obstacles, like a kitchen island, that will affect the the way the tile will work in the space. If the tile needs to be cut down too much to accommodate such obstacles and will end up looking awkward, a smaller size might be better.

To view what sizes are typically available for flooring tiles, visit our catalog for examples and also note what tile sizes suite what formats.

Color and Texture

While color and texture don’t have much to do with the size of the tile, it can affect the appearance. If you choose dark colored tile, it can make the room feel smaller, but have a cozy affect. If you decide that a dark floor tile color is the perfect look for your home, you should consider a large tile size such as 48”x48” to allow the room or hallway to appear larger and prevent a closed in feeling.

Shapes of Tile

Now it comes down to what kind of shape you want your tiles to be. Typically, you’ll be choosing from square or rectangular tiles. Note that you do have more design flexibility with square tiles, as you’ll also be able to position them diagonally. Some patterns use a variety of sizes that are bought or cut to fit the specific design. If you are creating a decorative design with your floor tile, you should definitely discuss it with a professional.

Larger tile sizes ranging from 24″x24″ to 48″x48″ are excellent selections when making a room appear spacious. These sized tiles can be used throughout the entire home and patio area, giving your home a consistent appearance. Always keep in mind the square footage of the room and the overall look you desire when choosing the tile size for your home.

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