All-White Bedroom

Do’s and Don’ts for an All White Space

White, the pure and pristine neutral, can make a dramatic impact on a space when used correctly, as well as give the illusion that the space is larger and more open than it actually is. If you are planning for an all white décor in your space, use these simply “do’s” and “don’ts” to get it right!

DO decide on an ambiance

In general, an all white space will be designed around two very basic trends…soft and comfortable or modern and minimalist. Deciding which ambiance works best with your décor is a first step to creating an all white space that flows well with adjacent rooms and highlights your home’s style. For a more comfortable and lived in ambiance, warmer shades of white in soft fabrics and finishes appear cozy and welcoming. This style will usually also have many more accents pieces, larger furnishings, and lavish draperies. On the other hand, a minimalist feel can be achieved with brighter whites, smooth surfaces, and a “more is less” motivation in the area of furnishings and décor pieces.

DON’T be too cold and uniform

Many people have the misconception that an all white space will be stark, formal, and boring. While this may be true of some spaces, white done right should not be this way at all. When planning and designing your all white space, be sure to use a variety of materials, to give the space interest and dimension. For example, a plush white rug on a white washed wood floor creates depth that keeps the room from becoming too monotonous. Textures are also very important, as they can be used to create layers and provide visual focal points, even within the same color scheme.

DO choose varying shades

Another key to a beautiful all white space is to use varying shades of white throughout the room. Even a small color variation will help to accent certain pieces, and make them stand apart from one another. For example, a brilliant white headboard piece will stand out much better on an antique white wall, than it will on a very bright white wall. Distressing techniques in varying shades of white is also a great idea to consider, if it works with your décor. Distressed finishes naturally have interest and create layers of color that is always unique.

DON’T underestimate the lighting

Having adequate lighting, as well as the right kinds of light in your space, is another key element for creating the perfect all white look. Most whites, especially wall paints, have subtle undertones that are brought out under different lighting options. These can include colors like pink, yellow, blue, or green. Experiment with different kinds of light and how they bring out the best in the whites that you choose. Having as much natural light as possible is also a great recommendation, as natural light will enhance brighten whites. If you need to warm up your space, consider low or accent lighting that adds a warm glow, such as a fireplace or even candle style lighting.

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