Home Design Trends for Fall 2016

Home Design Trends for Fall 2016

Autumn is just around the corner. That means it’s time to start looking into new home trends for the coming season to keep your home feeling fresh and looking great.

Fall is the time for delicious food, curling up on the couch with your favorite throw, and new home designs. With the changing season, your bright summer colors are moving aside and letting warm and cozy home decor take center stage.

Out with the old and in with the new! We’re looking at five of our favorite home design trends for fall 2016.


Emerald Green

Fall may be the time for green leaves to change color, but that doesn’t mean your home design should follow suit! Emerald green is taking center stage this fall in home decor. Dark green bedrooms, statement walls, couches, bold lamps, and accent pillows are all standout decor options to make emerald green your new favorite color this season.

Warm-Colored Tiles

Cool tones, move aside. Tiles are taking inspiration from the reds and orange hues of the changing leaves this season. Tiles like Coliseum Stone travertine and Rojo Alicante marble add a modern-meets-rustic look to kitchens, gardens, and porches alike. This attractive warm color scheme and its shade variations go with a wide array of design styles, making it a perfect addition to any existing space.


Cork is a unique and exciting texture that’s going to be big this fall. Cork accent walls are taking over home offices and bedroom nooks as a fun and functional use of space. Benefits of using cork in your home include noise reduction and adding warmth to rooms both big and small. Use the cork to hang a trendy gallery wall, to pin sticky notes, or just enjoy the earthy vibe this unique texture gives your space.

Faux Fur and Braided Knits

Faux fur is huge in home decor. Throws, rugs, pillow covers, and chair covers are all great avenues for using faux fur. After all, nothing says a fall day like snuggling up in a cozy blanket. If you’re not into the fur look, braided knits also provide a similar laid back appearance. Drape this home accessory on chairs, couches or your bed for a warm, inviting atmosphere and a trendy fall feel.

Marble Patterns

Patterned pieces are still all the rage this season and marble is one of the standout players. Marble isn’t only for countertops and flooring. Marble can be used in fantastic home decor such as candlesticks, wall clocks, vases, coasters, lamps, cutting boards and more! These eye-catching designs create a simple yet stunning focal piece for difference spaces, from your bedroom nightstand to your living room coffee table.

There are many different ways to style your house for the season. So, get excited about home decor and design ideas for fall 2016.

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