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How To Decorate Your Home With White Marble

White marble is beautiful and timeless, having been used in upscale homes and ritzy hotels for many years.  While the elegance of the stone still remains, it is now being used with a variety of styles and in many ways in nearly every room of the home.  Thinking about decorating your home with white marble?  Check out these great ideas!

The Bathroom

White marble makes a bold and rich statement when used in a bathroom space, and can be utilized in a variety of ways.  From vanity tops and flooring to whirlpool tub decks and shower walls, there are so many options for using white marble in the bathroom.  If your goal is classic elegance, consider pairing white marble with dark, rich wood cabinetry and accent pieces, and simple paint colors in schemes of greys or whites.  For a more serene and spa-like style, white marble does well with sea glass tile accents, light wood cabinetry, such as birch, and paint colors in soothing hues of pale green or blue.

The Kitchen

Another room in the home that is a great choice for using white marble is the kitchen.  For antique or rustic styled kitchens, aged white marble countertops, matched with shabby or weathered wood cabinets, gives the space a natural and historic look.  If you prefer more of a contemporary elegance, a thick slab of polished marble looks fabulous as an island countertop, especially when coupled with black granite countertops, polished metal accents, and stainless steel appliances.

The Living Room

While the living room is not a common space for white marble, there really are many excellent ways to incorporate it into a living room.  White marble fireplace mantles are chic and add a prestigious touch to a family room.  Other ideas include white marble table tops on coffee or accent pieces, white marble flooring with wood trim, or even white marble décor items, such as statues and book ends.

The Dining Room

If you want an elegant formal dining room, white marble flooring make a great choice and meshes well with rich wood and glass accents.  For more eclectic or casual dining space styles, use a white marble tabletop on a wrought iron base and then add unique chairs or bench seating to complete the look.

The Outdoors

Finally, don’t limit your use of white marble only to the inside of your home.  Porches and patios can be dressed up with a slab of white marble on a table base that is weather resistant, or added as a countertop choice for outdoor kitchens or grilling areas.  For a more opulent use, consider using white marble for courtyard flooring, or in the design of a balcony.

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