Making Your Spare Room Guest-Friendly

Making Your Spare Room Guest-Friendly

It seems no matter what the season, there’s always an occasion to have guests over at your home. Whether you’re having friends or family stay the night, or are renting out a room, the options for decorating and designing your guest room seem simple: have somewhere for your guests to sleep. However, anyone who’s slept in a friend’s spare bedroom could likely come up with a checklist of the little extras they had during their stay that would have made their experience phenomenal. Here are the 4 easy tips for making your spare room guest-friendly and worthy rave reviews.

It’s All About the Bed

When having guests over you will want to make sure you have a comfortable bed for them to sleep on. Ideally any guest is going to love sprawling out across a king-sized mattress. Unfortunately, most guest room sizes and budgets don’t allow for it. Whatever size your mattress, make sure it is comfortable to lay on and is always outfitted with fresh linens, extra blankets, and a modern bedspread.

Include a Television

Guest rooms are great for relaxing, whether you’re having a friend stay over or are using your spare bedroom for financial purposes. Whatever the case, your guests are definitely going to appreciate it if you have a small, flat-screen TV hooked up in the bedroom. This is great for late night dozing as well as hooking one up for business purposes as a larger screen for a laptop or tablet.

Bedroom Décor

Nothing will age your fantastic guest room quite like the decor. Keep your colors and styles modern, and your accessories tactful. Pale neutral palettes of blues, taupes, and greens are relaxing colors for a guest room and make for the perfect sleeping atmosphere. Wallpaper should be done away with, as it can age a room and fall out of style quickly, making the removal process difficult. Your guest room should be a tranquil, comfortable place for your guests to retreat. For this reason, keep your personal affects minimal. Avoid personal photos and stick to simple mirrors or pattern-based gallery walls for decor.

The Little Extras

Much of making your spare room guest-friendly revolves around the little extras you include in the room. For example, keeping up-to-date magazines available and a stylish, framed photo of your Wi-Fi password handy will make all the difference to your guests. Extra bedding, trash disposal, a universal charger, Bluetooth speakers or docking stations, an alarm clock, and scented candles or diffusers are also great courtesies for your guest.

It only takes a couple tweaks and touches to make your guest room a comfortable and stylish place for visitors to enjoy themselves. These simple tips are perfect for making your spare room guest-friendly.

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