Small Bedroom Space

Making the Most of a Small Bedroom Space

Creating a space that is glamorous, comfortable, and usable is not always easy. And, if you are faced with a bedroom that is small in size, it can be even more of a challenge. However, with the right elements and the utilization of some creative and space saving ideas, you can transform even a small bedroom into a space that you will fall in love with.



Light & Bright

When dealing with small spaces, it is key to make the room feel as airy and large as possible. While dark, warm colors are great in some rooms, they tend to make a space feel smaller. For best results, use light colored paints and prints, and be sure to allow as much natural and bright artificial light to enter the room as possible.

Build Up, Not Out

Bedrooms need storage space, but if your square footage is limited, then traditional furnishings, such as dressers or chests, aren’t always an option. Consider utilizing your wall space, from floor to ceiling, instead. Built in cabinets, open shelving, or even mountable buckets or baskets give you places to keep belongings, without sacrificing precious legroom. Additionally, wall mounted lighting can also save space, compared to floor lamps.

Think Double Duty

Another trick to maximizing a small bedroom space is by choosing furnishings and décor with multiple uses. For example, a night stand that opens or slides to become a usable desk space or a bed that converts to a seating area are great things to consider. Gadgets that are multipurpose also help, such as combination televisions that can also be used as a computer monitor.

Utilize Hidden Space

In nearly any room, there are usually bits of hidden space just waiting to be discovered! From nooks and corners that can be transformed into unique storage spaces to areas behind the walls that can be opened up or used for built in furnishings, getting the space you need is often just a matter of some creativity.

Roll, Fold, & Stack

Finally, when considering options for a small bedroom space, look for furnishings and gadgets that can be compacted and put away when they are not in use. A desk that hinges and folds flat against the wall, seating that can be stacked and stored easily out of the way, or storage that rolls under the bed until needed, just to name a few.

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