Marble and Natural Light

Styles To Pick To Make the Most of Natural Lighting

The way natural light hits a room can have a striking effect on your style and decor. As the sun moves across the sky the natural light will change the entire atmosphere in your space from cool and chic to warm and inviting. You just have to know how to work with your windows, style, and choice of natural stone.

In order to take advantage of nature’s lightbulb, you need to learn the right styles to pick to make the most of natural lighting in your home. You won’t be sorry that you did. Here are our favorite tips and tricks for working with natural light.


Using Paint to make the most of your Lighting

When choosing a style for your room, one of the first decisions you make is what color to paint it. Natural light will change the color of your room as the sun moves. Always keep this in mind before choosing a paint color.

Interior decorators will tell you to live by this rule of thumb: rooms facing north should be painted warmer colors, since this side of your home will get the least amount of sun. Southern facing rooms will get the most sun. Any paint colors you choose here will be intensified by the natural light, so stay away from bold colors unless you’re looking for a very vibrant style.

Eastern rooms welcome in the morning sun, which can make your colors appear yellow and western rooms will benefit from cool toned paints.


Choosing the right Marble

Watching natural light shine up against marble is absolutely magical. As the light streams in and changes throughout the day, so will the look of your marble. Different aspects of the natural stone will be brought tout and the color will seem to change. To make the most of your natural light, choose a marble with duo chrome like our Mediterranean Pearl slab.


The Right Window Treatments

The Romans were no strangers to using natural light in their home designs. For example, courtyards in Pompeii were structured so that they would bring light into the center of the home. You can copy these ancient designers by using proper window treatments to control your natural lighting.

Bedrooms will benefit from thick, light-blocking curtains. Horizontal blinds are a great choice for those looking to welcome in the sun at a controlled rate. The tilted edges of this style will block heat while allowing the light to come in. Those looking to fully embrace the light will be happy with simple sheer panels.

When done correctly, taking advantage of natural lighting will make your room feel spacious and bright. Knowing which styles to pick to make the most of natural lighting can change the entire look of your home.

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