Natural Stone Floors

Maintaining Natural Stone

The look of natural stone in a home is magnificent. From the gorgeous color choices to the many intricate patterns and textures available, natural stone gives any surface a unique and rich look that isn’t easy to achieve with other materials. To keep your natural stone looking its very best, use this valuable information to ensure that you are properly maintaining your natural stone surfaces.



Clean Correctly

If you have spent anytime cruising the cleaning aisle of your local grocery or retail store lately, you have probably been overwhelmed at the many choices available. From expensive brands that promise “special formulas” for natural stone to your basic cleaning and disinfecting solutions, many people simply do not know what works best. For most natural stone surfaces, a mixture of warm water and mild liquid soap generally works great. It is effective, inexpensive, and safe for the surface. If you do decide to try a new product, be sure to avoid any cleaning agent with an acidic base or that seems gritty or abrasive. For quick countertop or mantel dusting, or when sweeping a natural stone floor, a duster or dust mop made of microfiber removes surface dust and dirt gently, without damage to the stone.

Seal Regularly

Natural stone is porous, meaning that it can absorb things into itself. In the natural elements, this is beneficial and often is the key reason why there are such interesting color patterns in natural stone. Once placed in your home, however, this porous composition makes natural stone easier to stain and harder to keep clean. The solution is to seal your natural stone surfaces regularly. To begin, select a sealer that is penetrating and safe for use with your particular natural stone surface. Each product will vary in how to apply, how many applications are required, and how long it lasts. For best results, follow the instructions from the manufacturer carefully. As a general rule of thumb, surfaces that begin to “turn dark” when they are wet usually signal that it is time to reseal. For high traffic or high use areas, this may be every 6-8 months while other areas may last several years without the need for new sealer.

Polish As Needed

While some natural stones will have a matte finish, most will have a shiny or glossy look when they are first installed. Over time and with regular use, this beautiful sparkle can diminish, making your natural stone surfaces appear dull and flat. A simple solution for restoring that gleam is by applying a natural stone polish as needed. There are many different brands available, so be sure to select a product that is designed for the kind of natural stone that you have and follow the directions for use carefully.

While natural stone does require some regular cleaning and maintenance to keep it looking pristine, these three simple tips make it easy and effortless!

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