Kitchen With Checkered Flooring

Checkered Flooring For Your Kitchen

If you are looking to give your kitchen a pop of interest, one way to do so is incorporating checkered flooring. While the classic black and white checkered tile pattern has made a serious comeback in the last few years, this is just one option for a checkered floor. Here are our top picks for checkered flooring, and what kitchen decors they work best with!

Travertine Browns

If your kitchen is more traditional, and you like the durability of travertine tile, consider creating a checkered flooring pattern using light and dark shades of brown. The rich patterns of travertine will create interest, but the color coordination won’t make it appear quite as dramatic as other options. Colors that work well together for a checkered floor include Travertino Amber and Glamour Silver.

Grayscale Elegance

When it comes to a luxurious and a very polished look, marble and quartz really are two fabulous materials to use for flooring. For kitchens that are designed with an elegant décor, white marble or quartz tile, patterned with shades of grey, give definite contrast without overwhelming the space. Our favorite color combos include: Thassos and Grigio Pompeii marble or Super White and Crystal Ice in quartz.

Modern Color

Creating pops of color, sparkle, and strong depth within a space is a must, especially if the style of your kitchen is contemporary and modern. One way to accomplish this is with colorful granite flooring, laid in a checkered pattern. To begin, select dark, nearly solid color granite, like Black Galaxy or Emerald Pearl. Next, choose a contrasting granite tile choice in the color you feel best accentuates your style. For very industrial kitchens, we like the silver coloring in Black Marinace or Matrix.

Solid + Wood

Wood brings warmth to a space, and has been a flooring favorite for many years. If you currently have wood flooring in your kitchen, or want to incorporate wood into a checkered pattern, using a wood / solid option is a perfect compromise. Golden woods, like oak or maple usually pair best with black solids, while light, white washed, or very weathered wood looks best with white. Wood / solid checkered patterns can really add interest to kitchens that have a rustic, shabby chic or even cottage feel to them.

Classic Black & White Style

Last, but certainly not least, is the classic black and white checkered pattern. This look was originally made famous as a flooring choice for diners and restaurants, but it really adds whimsy to residential kitchens as well, especially those with a retro style. Our favorite natural stones pairing for this look is Black Absolute and Crema Marfil. When paired with bright shades of red or muted stainless, black and white checkered becomes modern. However, if the goal is a softer or more eclectic feel, adding splashes of pastel colors is key.

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