Marble Bathroom Trends Remodeling Ideas

Marble Bathroom Trends: Remodeling Ideas

Marble is known for its luxurious appeal, durability and richly veined style. While marble is available in a variety of patterns and tones, selections such as Calacatta, Statuario, Naxos, White Himalaya, Bianco Carrara and Crema Marfil are popular choices for modern bathrooms. Marble can be used as bathroom counter tops, floors, shower walls, tub framing and walls. Depending on the look you are creating, the entire bathroom can be marble if you choose. Before you begin your bathroom renovation there are a few bathroom and remodeling trends you should consider.

Spotlight Flooring

Marble has been used as flooring in luxurious hotels, cruise ships and more. Since marble is a high-quality material, some people feel that it is unattainable in their space. This doesn’t have to be true. Marble flooring can be the accent of any bathroom big or small. Even if it’s the only marble in your home, it is well worth the investment since it is durable and long lasting. A feature marble floor is especially exquisite in small spaces since it adds luxury and style without overwhelming the area. In larger bathrooms marble flooring creates an elegant spacious feeling.

Shower and Bath Walls

Stepping into a warm shower or immersing yourself in a warm bath helps melt away stress. Imagine being surrounded by exquisite marble walls that match your luxurious flooring? Marble shower walls and surrounding bath tub walls are an excellent way to surround yourself with luxury, sophistication and elegance. You may choose to cover all of the walls in the bathroom with coordinating polished marble to create an open feeling. Light-toned marble creates an open, fluid space while darker marble tones create sophistication and depth.

Contrasting Marble Colors

A modern trend that is gaining popularity is the combination of black and white marble. There are a variety of ways you can use the contrasting colors in your bathroom. You can have black marble flooring and white marble walls, or vice versa. Another trend is black marble walls and flooring with a white marble accent wall, or vice versa. The unique touch the contrasting marble has creates an exquisite space that looks and feels surreal.

Whether you are adding a small amount of marble such as a counter top or indulging and creating an all-marble bathroom oasis, your unique vision will come to life and last for years to come. Black, white and beige marble tones are best suited for those who prefer to change their bathroom accents and décor on a regular basis. The basic colors will allow a good foundation for frequent or seasonal décor changes. Try these modern bathroom trends in your bathroom remodeling project today and enjoy being surrounded in luxury and elegance.

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