Which Natural Stone is Right for Your Kitchen Countertop

Which Natural Stone is Right for Your Kitchen Countertop?

Choosing a kitchen countertop is an exciting process. Not only will it establish a beautiful-looking kitchen with clean lines and a sleek finish, but picking the right natural stone for your kitchen will make it that much easier to put those fantastic inner chef skills to work.

Your choice of a natural stone kitchen countertop should actually make your life easier in the long run. Not only will you have a chic and stylish kitchen area, but choosing the right stone will make care and maintenance in your kitchen a breeze. Unsure which natural stone is right for your kitchen countertop? We’re here to help.

There are many different luxurious stone countertops that would work perfectly for your kitchen. We’re helping you narrow down your search by showing you 4 natural stone kitchen countertops that make for a functional and stylish space.

Popular Granite

Granite is one of the most popular stone kitchen counter options. Not only is this high-end surface visually stunning, its hard texture makes it impervious to scratches. Granite comes in a wide variety of patterns and colors, is cost-effective, durable, and widely available. These are just some of the reasons why granite has become a favorite for kitchens across the world. These points aside, Granite is a porous stone, meaning to get the most out of this stone kitchen countertop option you will want to have your counter properly sealed to avoid stains and damage. See which granite countertop is best for your kitchen here.

Quartz Kitchen

Quartz countertops are absolutely trending for kitchen countertops. Not only does quartz offer a sleek finish in a large selection of colors, it is also highly durable. Unlike many other stone kitchen countertops quartz is a non-porous surface, meaning it is resistant to stains, heat damage, and scratches. Quartz does not need to be sealed and is a highly recommended countertop for those looking for stylish, low-maintenance kitchen. Browse our collection of quartz slabs.

Marble Countertops

Who doesn’t feel luxurious when setting their hands on an ever-so-elegant and beautifully made marble countertop? Used in palaces across the world, marble is world renowned for its rich appearance and the luxurious style it can bring to any room. If you’re looking to fool your guests into thinking your kitchen was taken right out of a Miami mansion, then a beautiful marble countertop is for you. That being said, marble is susceptible to scratches and stains and requires a little more maintenance than other stone countertops. Sealing and regular maintenance a must to keep it looking pristine. Fall in love with marble countertops by checking out our catalog here.

Quartzite – Not to be confused with Quartz

Love the look of marble but want something with a little more resistance to it? Much like quartzite’s cousin quartz, this natural stone countertop is created strong with the ability to resist chips, heat, scratches, and other damage. Quartzite is a durable choice that can contains veining that closely resembles the luxe appearance of marble. See our quartzite collection.

Looking for more natural stone options for your kitchen counter? Browse through Marmol’s stone selections for even more beautiful options.

Your kitchen should feel uniquely you and your countertop is no different. Choose a countertop that is most efficient for your space, reflects your style and makes your job easier in the kitchen. For more expert help on deciding on the right natural stone countertop for your kitchen, get in touch with one of our Design Specialists.

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