Home Remodel

3 Things to Expect With Your Home Remodel

Remodeling your home is a major process and whether you choose to do a complete overhaul all at once, or space out the remodel over time, knowing what to expect will help the progression of the project move along smoothly. Although each remodel will come with its own challenges and specifics, here are three things to expect with nearly any home remodel.



Expect Changes

Remodeling your home is not an exact science and will almost always come with modifications along the way. Whether it is adding an extra feature at the last minute, adjusting the location of something midway, or eliminating an original idea altogether, change is just part of it. In order to manage this, go into your home remodel project with an open mind, flexibility, and some backup options for major items. If you prepare yourself for changes to be made, then you will likely be ready when they happen!

Expect Inconveniences

Many times, people jump into a home remodel without taking time to consider how it will affect their daily life. Kitchen remodels, for example, often make cooking meals, doing dishes, or even having access to your refrigerator a major undertaking. Additionally, some remodels require that water and electricity be shut off for extended periods, which can also be a hassle if you are living there at the time. While the inconveniences can usually not be avoided completely, asking the right questions prior to a home remodel will allow you to be better aware of what parts of your life will be affected. Once you have this information, you can make contingency plans that will help minimize the disturbances and make life a little easier.

Expect Delays

Even the most well laid out home remodels almost always come with delays. Maybe the cabinet company’s shipment didn’t arrive on time, possibly the weather was too wet to pour concrete, or perhaps the builder had a crew or worker that backed out at the last minute. Whatever the case, delays should be expected and figured into the project’s timeline. This is especially important if you are planning a major event, holiday gathering, or other get together that requires the remodel to be completed. The best way to handle delays? Give yourself more time than needed for the project and be patient when a delay occurs. In the long run, it almost always better to wait out a delay and get what you want than to rush the project and be unhappy with the results later on.

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