Red and White Modern Kitchen

4 Remodeling Tips for a Modern Kitchen

For many people, a kitchen makeover means bringing in modern elements that update and enhance their kitchen space. While state of the art appliances and trendy furnishings are great to indulge in if you have the resources, there is much more to making a kitchen “modern”. Here are four remodeling tips that can be used with both small and large budgets to give you a modern kitchen that you will fall in love with!

Tip #1: Function is Beautiful

One of the primary rules of modern décor is function, and your kitchen should be no exception. In modern kitchens, items that are used daily become decorative pieces. Select pots, pans, plates, and small appliances that are aesthetically pleasing and then display them with pride! From hanging pot racks to open concept shelving, design your modern kitchen around what works for your home and family.

Tip #2: Less is More

A second rule of thumb, when it comes to creating a modern space, is to practice minimalism. Modern kitchens should not be cluttered with décor or seem overwhelming. Additionally, modern kitchens should make good use of the space, no matter how large or small it may be. Be sure that you have sufficient storage areas so that everything can be put away neatly when not in use. If you are transforming your kitchen, take the time to sort through and make decisions on what items are essential, and what items are just taking up space!

Tip #3: Feature Color

The standard canvas for a modern kitchen is usually a combination of monochromatic colors, such as blacks, whites, and greys. However, adding pops of bright color can enhance and complement your base design concept. Some of the most popular colors used in modern décor include reds, teals, purples, and oranges. When featuring a color, be sure to use bright hues that stand out and don’t add so much color that it begins to blend. If your color is limited to interchangeable items, try rotating different colors regularly to keep your kitchen looking fresh and fabulous!

Tip #4: Keep it Bright

Finally, when selecting the lighting for your modern kitchen, brighter is usually always better. Many modern kitchens feature LED light fixtures that give off a distinct blue hue, as well as extremely brilliant light. Workspaces should include task lighting that provides appropriate brightness for cooking and other kitchen duties, while main areas should be well-lit with overhead lights.

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