Small Bathroom

Big Design Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Even the smallest bathroom can look exceptional with precise design planning. Small spaces don’t have to feel overwhelming, they have the capability of feeling warm and cozy or bright and airy. Depending on the coloring and textures you choose for your small bathroom you can create your own personal oasis. There are a variety of big design ideas that will complement the smallest bathrooms and make them look luxurious.

Brighten Up The Room

Begin by choosing light colored marble or tiles for your shower walls. This will open up the space a bit and depending on the color it can make it feel cozy as well. Next you will want to choose the color of the flooring, make sure you pick out flooring that is not easy to slip on. Choosing dark colored flooring in contrast to bright colored shower walls and surrounding walls will create a warm ambiance. However, if you were to choose dark wall coloring in combination with dark flooring it will close up the space and make it feel even smaller.

Invest in an Exceptional Sink

The sink area is the part of the bathroom that gets noticed by visitors the most. This area should look exquisite, so make sure you pay attention to your choice for the sink. Choose a light colored sink and unique hardware to go along with it. This will add character and show that you took time to create a special area for your family. The cabinet and counter-top that surround the sink should blend well with your sink and hardware choices. The counter top can be granite, onyx, marble, limestone or beautiful tiles.

Use Accent Pieces

You don’t have to use the same exact color through the entire bathroom, unless you want to. Choosing complementary colors or working with hues is a great way to add depth and character to a small bathroom. Remember to add only a few accents such as unique jars or a tropical plant as finishing touches. If you would like to make your small bathroom look double in size make one of the walls entirely mirror or use a large hanging mirror to open up the space.

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