How to Get a Winter Feel in Your South Florida Home

Give your sunshine state home some winter ambiance this season. Here are 5 ways to get a winter feel in your South Florida home.

Making your home feel like a winter wonderland when you live in South Florida may seem like a bit of a challenge. Especially because turning on the fireplace and snuggling up with a wooly blanket isn’t exactly ideal in 75°F weather.

With the holidays over and no more Christmas tree lit up to declare “It’s Winter!” in your living room, you may be stuck for ideas on how to winterize your sunny home.

Create the Winter Ambiance

The trick to making it feel like winter when you live in a warm climate all comes down to creating an ambiance. When you think winter you think snow, pine trees, warm lighting, and spicy scents. Here’s how you can bring these elements of winter into your home.

Winter greenery

Bring the winter indoors by incorporating plant life that reminds you of winter. Pick up a potted spruce, an ornamental cabbage, or hang a wreath around the house. Wreaths don’t have to be holiday-related to give your home a wintery feel. Hang evergreen wreaths decorated with fragrant pinecones and translucent glitter around your home or at your front door to make your house feel like a winter wonderland.

Low Lighting

If you want to know how to get a winter feel in your South Florida home here’s a tip: Winter decor is all about creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere. You can do this easily by incorporating low lighting to your room. Use pillar candles, frosted lanterns, and string fairy lights to give your room a real festive touch.

Winter Scents

Scent is a huge factor in creating a comfy, winter-like atmospheres. Head out and buy some scented wax or oversized candles and choose delicious wintery scents. If you enjoy spicy scents stick to inspire baked good candles such as cinnamon stick, apple spice, or anything with pumpkin in the title. If you’re looking for fresher fragrances you can inspire winter feelings with scents like peppermint, crackling firewood, and balsam or cedar wood.


It may not be snowing outside, but that’s no reason why you can’t have a little snowy entertainment indoors. Bundle up with Netflix and line up your favorite winter movies. These movies incite the spirit of winter and make your home feel a little more seasonal. Great winter films include It’s a Wonderful life, Disney’s Frozen, Groundhog Day, or Happy Feet.

Winter Treats

Break out your cookbook or favorite Pinterest recipes and get ready to fill your house with the glorious scent of winter. Cold weather inspires baking, which is exactly what you can do for a faux winter. Apple turnovers, snickerdoodles, peach cake, gingerbread men, and sugar cookies. Other seasonal treats that will fill your house with a delicious winter vibe include spiked eggnog, chai tea, and cinnamon hot chocolate.

As you see there are plenty of affordable ways to get a winter feel in your South Florida home. All it takes is a couple of lighting tricks, spicy scents, and delicious winter treats to create the perfect winter ambiance in warm weather. Have some decor ideas of your own? Share with us @marmolexportusa.

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