Fall Home Decor

How to Incorporate Fall Colors into Your Home

The fall season has arrived and it’s time to update your home décor from the vibrant colors of summer to the warm, comforting tones of fall. Fall brings a new color palette that includes caramel, deep red wine, metallic gold, pale yellow, burnt brown and beige. Get ready to bring out the pumpkins, gourds, fall leaves and natural wood to incorporate fall into your home.


Decorative and colorful pillows in fall inspired tones are an excellent way to add warmth and color to your existing room. Choose colors that complement or match your existing sofa and chairs to avoid clashing colors. While solid fall tones are a popular choice, there are unique touches such as fall color patterned pillows, faux fur and suede and hand painted pillows with red robin birds, trees, owls and fall trees that will add special touches to your home. Pillows that have fringe or decorative jewels in autumn colors will add texture and color as well.

Vases and Accessories

Autumn vases that have leaves painted or etched into them are the perfect accent for any room. Classic mum flowers are an excellent addition to the vase. If you are looking for solid color vases there are colorful glass vases and ceramic vases that are visually pleasing on their own or as a flower holder.

Ceramic and glass figurines such as owls, squirrels, foxes, wolves, pine cones, pumpkins, acorns, and autumn leaf designs will instantly add character to any room. Conveniently place the figurines and vases on shelves, window sills, coffee tables, end tables and dining tables.

If you have a favorite autumn inspired photograph, you can place it in a metallic gold frame on a shelf or hang it on the wall of any room in your home. You can complement the colors in the photograph by purchasing pillows and accents and placing them strategically around the room. This is a creative way to bring the essence of fall into any room in the house, even the kitchen and bathroom. Begin incorporating fall into your home today by using these helpful suggestions.

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