Christmas Tableware

Kitchen Design Ideas for Christmas

From the festive flavors and enticing aromas that linger from within to a cozy place for family traditions and gatherings to take place, the kitchen has long been known as a holiday hot spot in the home. As you get ready to kick off the decorating this season, use the following ideas to design your kitchen for Christmas!


While your kitchen likely has seen its share of leafy green veggies and herbs as cooking ingredients, don’t overlook live greenery in your kitchen’s holiday décor design. Whether you choose artificial greens that are durable and require little maintenance or opt for a live version that gives off a fabulous aroma, there are many ways to incorporate winter foliage in your kitchen during the holidays. Ideas include countertop sized Christmas trees decorated with lights and ribbons, evergreen wreaths hung in a kitchen window, or loose mistletoe branches with small holly and pinecone accents in vases or pitchers.


Soft, holiday themed lighting choices are wonderful for adding Christmas cheer to nearly any space. For the kitchen, candles are especially appropriate because they add warmth, charm, and fragrance to the room. Consider using large candles or groups of medium sized candles as a centerpiece for tables and countertops, tall tapered candles to accent windows, and smaller jar candles on open shelves.

Sweets & Treats

In many homes, the kitchen is used during the holiday season to create luxurious and decadent sweet treats. Not only are these Christmas goodies great to eat, but many can be used as seasonal kitchen décor items as well! Pastries and cut out cookies, decorated with sprinkles and sugar look lovely in a clear glass container, and candies like peanut brittle, fudge, and chocolate covered pretzels can be displayed in covered candy dishes. Finally, peppermint or other flavored candy canes also make nice decorative additions to the kitchen when hung.


Sparkling orbs and glittery globes are not just reserved for the Christmas tree anymore! Add hints of holiday twinkle to your decor by incorporating ornaments around your kitchen this season. Places that work well for hanging include overhead pot racks, in windows and door frames, and from lighting fixtures over countertops, islands, and bars. Ornaments also look great when added to wreaths and when nestled into glass bowls or crystal vases.

Whether you choose to implement just one element listed above, or go all out, using a combination of ideas together, designing your Christmas kitchen décor is a wonderful way to get into the spirit of the upcoming holidays this season!

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