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Picking the Right Stone for Outdoor Spaces

Natural stone is the perfect complement to an outdoor space, whether a pool deck, outdoor kitchen, walkway or wall. But how can you make sure to pick the perfect natural stone for your outdoor project? Read on for several things to consider when it comes to natural stone and the outdoors.


First off, the “do-nots:”


  1. Do not assume that the same beautiful marble that you used in your front entranceway can be used in the same way outside your home. Many factors go into picking the right stone for a space, and often those factors are very specific to the stone’s environment. While unpolished marble might be an option (if properly sealed), polished marble and onyx are unlikely to be a good fit.
  2. Do not forget to consider what happens in the location you are outfitting with stone. Will these stones be partially covered with a roof, or completely exposed to the elements? Will these stones surround a pool, where slipping is a concern, or will they line a front entranceway, handling daily shoe-clad footsteps? Or, yet again, is the destination for your new natural stone the countertop of an outdoor kitchen? The perfect stone will be different in all of these scenarios.
  3. Do not forget to consider maintenance. Natural stone will give you decades and more of durable beauty– IF properly maintained. Be prepared to do some minor sealing, sweeping and cleaning to keep your natural stone looking its best.


Now, for the fun part.


  1. DO consider limestone, travertine, and marble for your outdoor floor and wall projects, as well as granite and quartzite for outdoor kitchen countertops. While these are not your only options, these natural stones are particularly well-suited to outlasting the elements. Marmol has many lovely options available for perusal in our catalogue.
  2. DO consider your long-term plans for your outdoor space. Because of its durability, natural stone should not need to be replaced for many, many years. That means that before you lay down your new stones, you’ll want to have considered any additional future landscaping or space changes that you might want further on down the road, and design a layout that will accommodate that possibility.
  3. DO make your space a reflection of your personality! As you’ll see in our catalogue, the possibilities with natural stone are endless, from bright whites to earthy browns, from deep-veined marble slabs to classic granite and quartzite countertops… and the list continues.


For more design inspiration, visit our Doral showroom to talk to one of our design specialists. And for a limited-time opportunity to get an unbeatable price on the perfect granite or quartzite slab for your outdoor kitchen countertop, check out our Luxurious Summer Sales catalogue.

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