Redesigning Your Home With Cuban Tile

When people see Cuban tiles they think of pops of color and adding a little pizazz to any space. The truth is, whether you’re looking for an intricate design or a sophisticated style, using Cuban tiles in the home is a fantastic route to take.

Cement tiles came into the design world in 1870 in France. Used to create detailed and powerful murals, these tiles still have a strong and presence in the design world today.

Looking to spruce up your bedroom floor, backyard patio, or bathroom walls? Cuban tiles are the best way to go. Here are some of our favorite ways to redesign your home with Cuban tile.

Why use Cuban Tile in your Home?

Why use Cuban tiles? These tiles have great visual appeal. From giving off a soft and modern appeal, a bright and vibrant look, or a classic Victorian appeal, these tiles can insert themselves into every style imaginable. Not only are they a great multi-purpose tile, they are also non-slippery, durable, and made of natural, environmentally friendly components.

Redesigning with Cuban Tile Backsplashes

Looking for a beautiful burst of texture and visual interest without stenciling? Thimo Juanillo is a beautiful tile that would look great as a kitchen backsplash or as a beautiful accent wall in a bathroom or outdoor space. This durable cement stone has a fun yet tasteful pattern with a blue and beige palette.

Cuban Tile Flooring

Why settle for run of the mill flooring when your Cuban tile floors could be a work of art? Using cement tiles for flooring creates a breathtaking pattern that will be the focal point of any room. Picture how our artisan Joery Santos tile (pictured right), with its stunning white and firebrick pattern, would make a small bathroom floor burst with life and color.

It is recommended that you seal certain cement tiles to ensure as little etching and damage as possible, especially when using this tile in a high-traffic area or in a space, such as a bathroom, that contains a lot of moisture.

Move Over, Wallpaper

Forget wallpaper, be bold and daring with your walls with Cuban tiles. Cement tiles are great for walls since they have a wide array of patterns and make for a beautiful focal point. Our Elsa Ramillete pattern brings a gorgeous pop of color into your workspace and shows off a fantastic floral design.

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