Size Doesn’t Matter: Add a Charm to Your Small Kitchen Space

Small kitchen spaces present exciting design challenges than a larger kitchen. Despite space constraints or budget limitations, you can still remodel your small kitchen into a stunning and functional marvel. Adding storage and style elements to such a tight space requires you to consider every inch while remodeling. Here are a few exciting tips and tricks on how you can transform your compact kitchen into a trendy one without compromising on its functionality.

Light Up Your Kitchen For An Upsize

Replace the fluorescent lighting which gives a bluish impact with incandescent lighting (which is more yellowish). You can install under-the-cabinet halogen lights, ceiling incandescent spot lighting, flooring lights, spotlighted backsplash tiles and lighting within the cabinets for a beautiful contrasting effects. Even touch lighting or any number of light features can expand the feel of your kitchen.
You can throw in some natural light into your kitchen to make the space appear bigger. You can have a grand window behind the sinks or overhead skylights for natural lighting in your kitchen.

Stack-Up Cabinets Or Open Shelves

Smaller kitchens have storage constraints. You can add additional cabinetry all the way up to the ceiling if you have more items to store. Try to fit in a slim spice rack in unused spaces and corners which takes cares of all your loose spices. Get a pot rack where you can hang your pots and pans rather than storing them in the cabinets. If you prefer open shelves, you can organize your crockery and kitchen accessories onto shelves to add more character to your kitchen.

Pay Attention To The Flooring

The flooring of any kitchen is really important as it adds a finishing touch to the space and draws attention. You can use the traditional Linoleum in checkerboard black and white pattern or add an entirely different aura with marble flooring. Diagonally placed floor tiles usually make the kitchen appear larger then it actually is.

Throw In Some Color In The Lifeless Space

The ambiance and size of the kitchen is greatly affected by the color of walls, appliances, counters, stools and even the dishtowels. Use different combinations to draw attention to various parts of the kitchen. Select lots of light colors like whites, beiges, natural woods, and yellows because they amplify light and make your kitchen appear larger. However, bold colors can add an interesting story to your kitchen space.

Create An Illusion Of More Space

Add a see-through effect through objects by using glass. Visual expansion of space can occur when you use glass counter or tabletop, glass door cabinets or even glass kitchen doors, if any. Another way of adding up space is through using a mirrored backsplash or a mirror anywhere in the kitchen.
Reducing clutter in your small kitchen along with the above trendy remodeling tips can completely transform the look of your small kitchen. Accentuate some features to create a ‘wow’ impression on whoever visits your kitchen.

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