Neutral colored bathroom tiles

4 Timeless Color Combinations That’ll Refresh Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is where you go to relax and refresh yourself for the day ahead, And what better way to emit that sense of relaxation than by transforming your bathroom into your personal oasis?

Your bathroom color combination should leave you feeling refreshed, calm, and mentally organized.  Those looking to tap into specific moods or feelings do well to consult color associations before choosing that perfect color combination for your bathroom.

We tend to subconsciously associate certain colors with particular moods or feelings, so coordinating your space to the feeling you want to evoke in it is always wise. Want a bathroom that makes you feel energized, for example? Consider yellow, as it represents energy, joy and happiness on the emotional color wheel. No matter what your style, there’s a perfect color combination to match. We’re looking at four color combinations for your bathroom that will never go out of style.

Earthy Tones – Green and Beige

Spas have this wonderful way of making their guests feel refreshed and relaxed as soon as they walk in the door. This is not only because you know you’ll be getting a fantastic massage, but also because of the color scheme and decor. Make your bathroom feel like your own personal spa by using the bathroom color combination of green and beige. Light brown or beige walls make your bathroom feel warm and inviting, while stone accents, marble countertops, and plenty of potted greenery will give off an air of freshness.

White and Blue Bathroom

White and blue is a classic bathroom color combo that is still in style. Light blue is associated with relaxation and a sense of calm and contentment on the color wheel, making it the perfect retreat for you to rest your head and settle into a warm bath. White accents in the flooring and countertops, for example, will pop against the blue and give your space clean lines that feel fresh and calm.

Muted Neutrals and Prints

Neutral or muted colors make an ideal backdrop for a fabulous printed wallpaper. Choose a muted mauve, pale green, blue, or trending off-white color as the base of your bathroom. Next, choose an accent wall for your wallpaper. Make your wallpaper timeless by choosing classic prints that never go out of style, such as damask, horizontal stripes, or a paintable textured wallpaper. Use this as a feature wall behind the toilet or throughout the entire bathroom for a grand and stylish ambiance.

Greige and White

Greige is one of the new on-trend colors that will never lose its flair. Somewhere between a gray and a beige, this beautiful color can take your personal style in any direction and add a luxe appeal when set against white trim and baseboards. A mixture of greige and white in your bathroom will make it feel opulent and clean. Spice up your look with fun metallic décor and fixtures to give this color combo a modern feel, or pair it with beautiful rustic decor to add some antique charm. Whatever your style, this color combination is sure to fit it well.

The color you choose for your space can really set the tone in a room, and the bathroom is no exception. The color combination for your bathroom will have a bearing on your towels, décor, the soap dispenser, and even your shower curtain. Stick with these timeless bathroom color combinations for a look that will never go out of style.

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