How to use Color to make the most of Natural Light

Lighting is a big part of any room. It’s what creates dimension, reflection, and a bright and spacious appeal. So, what can you do if your space is lacking some much-needed sunlight?

While you may not be able to create new windows or exposure to natural light, you can certainly enhance it.

Whether you’re looking to increase appeal for buyers or create a larger looking space, there are many ways to use color to make the most of natural light. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Understanding Light and Color

Light and color both have a direct effect on one another. Natural light will change throughout the day and make your paint and decor colors appear different. Paint, for its part, can actually absorb or enhance sunlight. This is why it is so important to know what colors will complement and highlight your natural lighting, especially when working in a small or dark space.

The Best Paints for Natural Light

If you are working in a space that isn’t well disposed to light you’ll want to find a way to maximize any natural lighting you can. One of the best ways to do this is with color. Using the right color on your walls and in your decor will help brighten your dark space and make your room appear larger than it actually is.

Stay away from dark colors that eat up light and opt for palettes of taupe, mushroom gray, beige, or white. These will instantly brighten your room. Also, stick close to matte finishes since they reflect light in every direction, while a glossy finish can create unsightly glares.

Pay Attention to your Ceilings

One great tip for making the most of your natural light is to make sure your ceiling is a shade or two lighter than your wall colors. White or flat white is usually the best. Not only will this help reflect the light throughout the room, but the contrast between the walls and ceiling will make your room appear taller and more spacious. This tricks the eye into believing the room is brighter than it actually is.

Learning how to use color to make the most of natural light will completely change the look of your space. Other tips include forgoing light-blocking window treatments and using mirrors and other reflective surfaces to bounce the light throughout the room and make it appear larger. Happy painting. Have some decor ideas of your own? Share with us @marmolexportusa.

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