How to Coordinate Brass Accents and White Marble

Brass accents and white marble have been star players in years’ past and continue to rise in popularity in the design world.

Geometric shapes in metallic accents mixed with marble stone are making a splash in home design in 2017. Brass is a fantastic metal that brings a classical edge to any room. This makes pairing this rugged texture against opulent marble such a desired coupling this year.

Marble and brass can be used in any room of the house in a way that is both showy and convenient for everyday living. Breathe some new life into your room by mix and matching metals and natural stone. Here are three rooms in your house that are dying to be redecorated in this fantastic new trend.

Using Marble and Brass in your Kitchen

Beautifully veined marble countertops bring a luxurious feel to your kitchen counters. The long slabs of white and gray veining are a definite statement piece. This makes clean and stark brass the perfect accent piece for your kitchen. Offset the stark marble countertops or kitchen sink by using brass hanging lights. Another great pop of metal comes with brass drawer handles. You can even use brass-legged barstools at your kitchen island or high-top table to give off a trendy, progressive feel.

Creating Industrial Class in the Living Area

Your kitchen isn’t the only area where you can mix and match marble and brass. Mixing classic stone like Calcutta marble with contrasting brass will give your space a trendy, industrial feel. Use marble and brass together in your living room by incorporating a marble table with brass legs. You could also do marble side tables with brass accents such as a face clock, table lamp, coasters, and candleholders.

Decorating with Marble and Brass in your Bathroom

Bathrooms are a top contender this year when it comes to decorating with marble and brass. Use beautiful Carrara marble in your bathroom to makes your space feel larger and more inviting for guests. Slab marble sinks are a gorgeous addition to any bathroom. Make the white marble pop by using brass faucets and sink legs. Marry these brass accents with a beautifully oversized brass mirror above the sink. This gives your bathroom an industrial feel that feels classy and clean.

Decorating with brass and marble started growing in popularity in 2015 and is expected to be a big hit in 2017. Have fun mixing and matching styles and textures to bring out the best in any room. Have some decor ideas of your own? Share with us @marmolexportusa.

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