Creating a Functional Laundry Room

Creating a Functional Laundry Room

If you really think about it, you realize that you will spend countless hours in your laundry room washing, drying, folding, and doing a general clean up. For this reason, we believe that your laundry room should emit your own personal design style, while still being functional.

Whether you have the luxury of designing your own floorplan, or you’re just looking to fix up an existing space, we’re showing you 6 essentials for creating a functional laundry room.

The Laundry Room Sink

A large utility sink makes for a useful addition to your functional laundry room. Having an extra water source is a great way to have a dedicated place for soaking clothes, scrubbing down stained garments or washing delicates.

Proper Storage Space

Great storage is essential for any functional laundry room. Make sure you have plenty of cabinets available for laundry supplies and extra linens. Laundry baskets, irons, and your ironing board may also be stored away from sight. Open shelving is another great idea for easily accessible goods.

Install a Counter above Front Loaders

If you have a front loading washer and dryer, having a countertop installed above them can make a world of difference, especially if your laundry room is on the small side. This extra counter space gives you a convenient location to place detergent, fabric softener, laundry baskets, and can even be used as a workspace to fold clothes. Granite countertops in the laundry room are a great choice, since they are durable, dense, and stand up to weight and heat.

The Little Extras

Just because you’re going for function doesn’t mean your laundry room should be a drag. Get creative with accent pieces, such as laundry-themed artwork or a colorful basket for those single socks (you’ll find their pair one day). You can even step it up a notch and opt for glass storage containers for detergents.

Great Lighting to Utilize Space

Use appropriate lighting to help you navigate your work space. Under cabinet lighting helps every inch of your laundry room become functional and efficient.

A Floor Drain

A floor drain is essential for any functional laundry room. These drains are usually found in basement laundry rooms and will help combat any potential flooding. It also makes cleaning up a cinch!

Your laundry room is what you make of it. With these 6 tips, you’ll be on your way to owning a stylish and functional laundry room that is sure to make washing clothes a bit less of a chore.

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