Creating a Classic Kitchen

Nothing can beat the enigmatic appeal of a classically designed kitchen. Being one of the most important parts of the house, the kitchen deserves special attention and a creative touch to make it stand out! Whatever your style quotient is, you can always use simple design structures and components to make the beauty of your kitchen come out in full galore.

If you are looking for tips and ideas to create a classic, contemporary, yet chic, kitchen, the following will surely inspire your thinking. Take a look!

Let the Countertops do the Talking

Countertops are the main element that can bring a classic touch to your entire kitchen at just a single glance. You will have a hard time ignoring the beauty and timeless appeal of pure white marble countertops, as they speak of sophistication, class and purity.

Calacatta and Bianco Carrara marble are considered to be the top choices of most homeowners in this regard, as they are serene and beautiful, and the pristine patterns on them look extremely alluring and beautiful in a classic kitchen setting.

You can also opt for some ravishing black countertops in pure marble if you are feeling a little adventurous. Play around with neutral cabinets and storage shelves and voila! You just created a masterpiece for yourself.

Flooring is the Key to a Classic Touch

Flooring is an essential part of your kitchen, and should be carefully contemplated to complement the overall classic look that you have visualized in your mind. Choose hues and shades that work well with the countertops and cabinets. It is better to use a darker shade of flooring tiles if your countertops and cabinets are white.

Marble is considered to be the magnificent winner in this case. You can play around with smooth finish marble tiles to transport yourself into a classic, yet chic, era. A touch of elegance and sophistication in the flooring and the countertops works like magic.

Add Some Eclectic Pieces

When you are looking for classic finesse and a memorable charm in your kitchen, décor is an essential and important part of the game. The right type of lighting, equipment and accessories used in the kitchen with colors and textures that complement the classic background will instantly lift up the mood and aura of the area.

Experiment with different additions and let your creative juices flow. In the end, it’s all about your personal style and imagination that will bring your décor to life!

Give it a Fresh Look

If you think that it’s looking all too boring, bring in a fresh touch to your kitchen with a breezy addition of some plants, thin curtains or even a tall mirror. Experiment all you want with the space, but make sure that you do not clutter it too much.

The key to a beautiful and appealing kitchen is to be minimalistic in design yet make a statement with your creativity. The addition of pure white marble with darker hues and undertones complementing the purity will bring an instant aesthetic touch of sophistication. Try it out and bring a unique classic touch to your kitchen today.

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