Pet-Friendly Home Design

Designing for a Pet-Friendly Home

Many homeowners consider pets to be a member of their family. Pet owners are often faced with the choice of having a beautiful home and banishing the dog to the back yard or allowing the dog to rule the house. The good news is pet owners no longer have to choose. There’s a way to allow your pets to live inside your home without sacrificing style. Turn your home into the pet-friendly luxurious sanctuary you have always wanted by following the suggestions below.

Natural Stone Flooring

Granite flooring is an excellent choice for pet owners who have dogs and cats. This durable flooring is scratch resistant and requires little maintenance. Granite is a natural stone that is available in a multitude of color varieties which makes it perfect for hiding imperfections and dog hair. Other natural stones such as travertine and marble are common choices for pet-friendly flooring, although they do require a bit more maintenance when compared to granite. Natural stone flooring should be sealed properly to avoid stains due to pet urine, spills and other accidents.

The cool natural stone tile flooring is a favorite of pets during the summer, since it helps them cool down while resting and lying on it. However, in the winter the floor can become too cold and uncomfortable for pets. Placing a stylish rug that coordinates with your décor is recommended. Pets will enjoy snuggling up on the area rug for hours.

Pet-Friendly Fabric

You will want to remove any fabrics from your home that are magnets for pet hair such as velvet. There are plenty of fabrics that are pet-friendly and will make your home look exquisite. Leather is a durable material that can withstand the wear and tear of an energetic dog. It’s available in a wide range of colors that will surely be suitable for your interior décor goals.

A pet-friendly fabric that is highly recommended is Crypton. This synthetic fabric is almost indestructible and has the capability of resisting bacteria, odors, stains and even muddy paws. Crypton is highly recommended for pet owners that have more than one pet.

Ultrasuede fabric is as appealing as real suede but it has more benefits. Ultrasuede is available in a multitude of colors, is machine-washable and has the capability of staying cool in any climate. This fabric is especially recommended for those who live in warm climates year round.

Patterned fabrics such as florals, stripes and unique designs are great at hiding stains and camouflaging pet hair. When choosing a fabric pattern try to choose the predominant color to match your pets hair color. Pet-friendly fabrics could be used to upholster your furniture, create accent pillows, rugs and matching dog beds.

Once you have your flooring, furniture and fabric style and pattern chosen, add decorative accents that are pet-friendly. Choose accents that are not too small to avoid choking or digestive issues in pets. Design your pet-friendly home using these tips and create a unique balance between style and comfort for your entire family, including your pets.

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