Smart Ways to Save Space Around Your Home

Smart Ways to Save Space Around Your Home

Proper storage is the key to organized living. There’s nothing quite like knowing all of your essentials have a place to call home. If you love a neat and orderly home, a lack of storage space can be a little frustrating, to say the least.

If you feel like you’re piling your clothes into a sardine tin every time you open your closet, don’t stress – there are ways to enhance your storage space and give your home a roomier feel, no matter what your living situation is.

Everyone could use more space-saving storage ideas, whether you’re loving apartment living or if you live in a house. These are smart and easy ways to save space around your home.

Unlikely Storage

There are many areas of the home you can use for unlikely storage. For example, the space above your bed can be transformed into a storage unit with cupboards or simple shelving. You can also fix your kitchen island with built-in shelves to create more kitchen storage.

Another great way to utilize odd spaces in your home is with stair storage. Reboot your stairs as shelving units by converting them into pullout drawers. This way you can store little extras such as shoes and seasonal jackets without sacrificing space elsewhere in the home.

Pull out Sofas

Move aside, guest rooms – there’s a new, space-saving option in town. If your home has no extra rooms to spare as a guest room, try using a trendy pull out sofa. Modern day pull outs look fresh and trendy, and offer a comfortable area for your guests to sleep without sacrificing floor space.

Reclaimed Spaces as a Home Office

Closets and cubbies can easily be made into functional workstations. Do you have an awkward nook under your staircase or a room in the peak of your roof that you aren’t sure what to do with? Don’t let these great spaces go to waste! Transform these small spaces into an office nook by mounting a wall shelf to set your laptop on. Pull up a trendy chair and you’ve got yourself a cozy home office.

Do Away with Dressers

Organizing your closet can have a huge impact on how much space you are saving. Use only the hanger-space you need for your dress clothes before converting the rest of your closet into a series of shelves. Utilize the vertical space in your closet with organizers such as shelves or stacking drawers to store your clothes, shoes, and jackets.

Don’t live life feeling stuffed into your house! Utilize these easy tips and tricks to save space around your home.

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