Dark Flooring - Living Room

Designing with Dark Flooring

Nothing speaks of chic and modern design with an eclectic touch like a sophisticated dark floor design. Modern, riveting and very attractive, a dark floor opens up a whole new range of design and color options. Whether it is the pairing of walls with the floor or the accessories and furniture, you are at liberty to let your imagination run wild when you choose dark marble tiles for your floor.

A little attention to creativity and detail when designing with dark flooring can make for a striking ambiance without much effort. The ultimate combination of pairing darker hues with neutral shades is a recipe for success and can be a classic choice for any room of your home. Whether it is the inviting sitting room or the plush bedroom, dark flooring looks elegant and impressive in almost all settings.

Searching for design ideas with a sleek dark floor? Here are some that will prove to be a captivating addition to your home decor style.

Choose Complementing Colors

Whether it is the walls, curtains, furniture or rugs and throws, it is important to choose the right shades and hues that complement the dark flooring in your room. Neutral colors like cream, beige, honey and white are great at creating the classic black-and-white like allure.

On the other hand, cool tones of light blue and shades like lilac also bring a welcoming touch to the stylish dark floor paneling. You can also brighten up the entire room with the addition of earthy tones in light shades.

Light green, with the classic appeal of nature, can also highlight the dark flooring in your room and take the entire decor to the next level.

Match Color Scheme with Bedding and Upholstery

Fond of dark colors and don’t want to stop just at the floor? Bring a unique dimension to your room by throwing dark colors here and there in the form of cushions, bedding and pillows. For example, if you have dark floors and cream sofas in the living room, bring up the style quotient and give a unique glow to your entire room with some red cushions.

The choices are endless – mix and match according to your taste and remember that your creativity needs no bounds!

Lighting Matters

Lighting and brightness play an important role in lifting up the appeal of a dark floor. When you are designing with dark floors, pay special attention to the airiness and lighting control in the room. Doing so will bring a breath of fresh air into your room.

Dark is Not Necessarily Black

If you are looking for a true black and sophisticated marble floor, nothing will be as appealing and stylish as the crisp Black Absolute.

However, dark flooring does not always mean that you have to choose a true black tone. Go for a dramatic twist with the exceptional Grigio Erba limestone. The effect will be dark and desirable with a harmonious tone that will prove to be a highlighting factor in your entire home décor.

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