Home Design Trends for Summer 2016

Home Design Trends for Summer 2016

Summer is almost here, and the forecast is most definitely reading: style.

With new seasons come new trends, and home design is no exception to the rule. With summer just around the corner, there is no shortage of clever and chic home designs to ring in the hot sun, fruity drinks, and cool relaxation.

Home design trends for summer 2016 are all about bright colors, sleek design, and breaking all the rules. Statement pieces and old-meets-chic styles are being brought back for a bold summer that’s hotter than ever.

Looking to spice up your home this season? Here are 5 home design trends for summer 2016.


Mismatched Cabinets

Taking risks with style is all about mixing and matching, which is exactly what’s on trend this summer in home design. Mismatched cabinets are making a splash in the kitchen with a clean and fun new look. Designers and home decor buffs alike are pairing different textures and colors for their top and bottom cabinets to add a unique flair to their cooking space. Some great ideas for spicing up your cabinets are using two-toned woods or different materials.

Marble Accents

Natural, raw materials are taking center stage of the home decor and design world in a big way, including marble. Marble counters, floors, and statement walls are being paired against rose gold tones this summer for a clean and luxurious look. Other great options for marble accent pieces include coasters, candle holders, nightstands, and clocks.

Formal Dining Rooms

Out with the new and in with the old! Yes, you read that correctly. Sometimes old traditions come back in vogue and make a splash in the home design scene, which is exactly what’s happening with the formal dining room trend. That’s right, formal dining rooms are back in action this summer, complete with hanging chandeliers, extended dining tables, and place-settings. Tea party, anyone?

Statement Mirrors

Move over, medicine cabinet; the statement mirror has come to play. Bathroom mirrors are getting pretty bold these days. One of the new home decor trends for summer 2016 is using statement bathroom mirrors to add a little pzazz to your small bathroom spaces. Thick framed mirrors, ornate designs, back-lighting, and vintage finds are all highly sought after looks this season.

Black Appliances

We bet you thought that there are white and stainless steel fridges, and any other color was basically a castoff from the 1990’s appliance division, right? Wrong! Black stainless steel is the newest appliance on the market and it is sweeping into 2016 with a vengeance. This sleek and chic option has the same benefits as stainless steel with an added a pop of charm and sophistication to your kitchen.

Change is good, and who doesn’t like experimenting with new styles and interior designs? Embrace change and explore new home design trends for summer 2016.

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