Blue and Green Living Room - Color Scheme

Trending Living Room Color Schemes

Today’s home décor trends are all about incorporating color into your spaces, especially the living room. While many people like to begin with a relatively neutral base, keeping the majority of walls and furnishings in versatile colors like whites, beiges, browns, or grays, most will add accent walls and accessories in pops of hot colors that can be changed as they desire. Here are some of our favorite trending living room color schemes of the year.

Turquoise Blue & Grass Green

If tranquil and bright is what you desire in your living room space, consider the trendy pairing of light and dark turquoise with cheerful grass green. This color scheme pairs well with nearly all neutrals, including gray, beige, white, and even brown. For more bold color mixes, consider adding a bright orange or yellow to the already fun palette.

Eggplant Purple & Mustard Yellow

Another color option that has been popping up all over the home décor world lately is deep eggplant purple matched with mustard yellow. This color scheme can easily be used in an elegantly style home, for a rich and luxurious look, or can work with a more casual, boho chic style as well. It pairs best with gray, but will also work with most other neutral bases as well. A slightly brighter shade of purple, such as orchid can be incorporated for even more color diversity and vividness.

Tangerine Orange & Navy Blue

While this color scheme can work with nearly any style of home, making it a favorite for so many people, it is especially popular in modern homes, as well as those with a nautical or beach feel. The brightness of the orange compliments the more subdued navy extremely well, and works best with bases of white, gray, and beige.

Buttery Yellow & Rusty Red

For a warm and welcoming pop of color that works well with just about any neutral in your living space, consider mixing butter yellow and rust red. This color scheme is very versatile, working with both rustic as well as modern décor types. For even more color, try adding small bits of sage or olive green as well.

Coral Orange & Mint Green

A final color scheme that has been making headlines in lots of living room spaces this year is cool mint green and brilliant coral orange. Adding these colors to a bright white or light gray base gives a very clean look, perfect for a Cape Cod-style home. On the other hand, coral and mint, when paired with rich browns or deep charcoal grays, can be modern and very sophisticated.

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