Uses of Marble in Home Design

Marble is a fan favorite for home design because it is such a versatile stone. While commonly thought of being used as countertops, there are plenty of ways to use marble in home design.

From kitchens to basements, marble can be used in literally every room of the house. You can choose to get a “Wow” moment from your marble by making statement uses of the stone. Or, you can keep your marble feeling fresh and current by using it in small doses. Accent marble can make an even bigger statement than a whole wall of the stone.

Here are some of our favorite ways to use marble in home design for a look that is both timeless and trendy.


Marble has been used in design for thousands of years and was a favorite of Mesopotamian cultures. One of the favored uses of marble that is still being used today is building columns. Columns can be used for load bearing purposes, but are mostly built for decoration. Give your hope a European ambiance with beautiful marble pillars.

Marble Walls

Whether you’re using this natural stone as an accent wall or a backsplash, a marble wall is a beautiful statement piece to any home. Marble walls give a fresh feeling to your space that reads cleanly. Marble walls can read warm or cool depending on what slab you choose. Something like our Statuario marble is perfect for a chic and cool palette where our Bamboo gray polished marble is perfect for warm and comforting spaces.


Marble countertops are a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms. Carrara marble is a great choice for marble countertops as they are an affordable stone that brings a bright elegance to your space. Be sure to clean and seal your countertops to protect them from stains and keep them in tip top shape.

Fireplace Backsplash

Your fireplace is already the focal point of your room, so why not make it a visual feast by using marble tile as its backsplash? Customize the color of your marble to complement your room and give it the warmth that a fireplace deserves.

Marble Flooring

Marble flooring gives off a grand appearance that will take your breath away. Be sure all of your marble comes from the same batch when installing it for your flooring. This will ensure all of your pieces match and flow seamlessly.

Marble Furniture

A wonderful way to add marble into your home in a way that is both stylish and cost effective is by using marble furniture and accessories. Consider such items as a marble coffee table, marble cutting boards, marble bedside lamps, and marble coasters to bring just a splash of visual interest into your room.

With its beautiful veining and wide array of colors, marble is a versatile stone is perfect for any room in the home. You will never regret using your marble in home design. Have some decor ideas of your own? Share with us @marmolexportusa.

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