Patio - Colisseum Stone Rustic Travertine Tile Flooring

Coordinating Your Indoor and Outdoor Décor

Outdoor spaces, like patios and yards serve as extended parts of your home useful for entertaining and weekend fun. Making your outdoor space blend and complement your indoor space is a décor strategy that is on the rise. Coordinating both parts of the home allows you to make your living space feel larger and more cohesive.


One way to create a seamless transition to your outdoor space is to select the same or a similar flooring tile. Note that not all tiles are suited for both indoor and outdoor spaces. If you’re looking to use the same material, make sure that it is non-porous and slip-resistant to accommodate for the outdoors.

For something more bold, identify a contrasting color indoors, like gray on white, and select that flooring color for your outdoor space. Just be sure that the overall style coordinates with the rest of the space and doesn’t appear too mismatched.



While you don’t need to have matching furniture, you will want to choose pieces that complement each other. Staying with the same color scheme also adds cohesion. For example, if you have bright, light-colored furniture inside your home, you will want to choose patio furniture in the same color tone. When staying within the same color tone you are allowing yourself to narrow down your options while still having the possibility to choose different types of furniture, like woven or iron pieces.


Here’s where some more creativity can come into play. There are a variety of accents that you can use throughout your indoor and outdoor space (just make sure your outdoor ones are weather-proof). Choose one or two accent colors that express your personality and your family’s lifestyle.

Find accents such as lamps, lanterns, throw rugs, pillows, pictures, figurines, vases and other accent items for your indoor and outdoor space. Strategically place the items in places so that you are adding color to the space and at the same time allowing the space to feel open and united. If you are a homeowner that likes to change the décor for each season or periodically during the year, accents make it easy and convenient.

Bringing a little of the outdoors inside can also help unite the spaces. Whether you are able to see your outdoor space through a window or open the space by opening a glass door, adding plants to your indoor space will add a touch of nature and beauty. Choose coordinating pots for your plants and place them on the floor, tables and small spaces throughout the space. Enjoy making your indoor and outdoor space feel like home.

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