Natural Ways To Clean Your Marble Interiors

Among the natural stones that exist, marble is the most lustrous and beautiful of stone surfaces. Marble interiors are sophisticated and add a distinctive appeal to any ambiance. This soft stone is highly vulnerable to stains, scratches and other damages that is why it requires a little effort on your part to bring back the shine of marble in no time. Light marble can even be discolored by certain chemical ingredients.  Protect your beautiful investment by choosing natural cleaning products and methods to make sure you do not cause any further damages.

Dust Off Dirt

Use a microfiber duster or a dust mop to sweep the marble flooring and wipe off the marble counters. It is natural for dust to build up a layer on everything which is why you should dust off marble daily.

Don’t Wait For The Spills To Turn Into Stains

If you spill something on your marble countertop or floor, wipe the spill off immediately with a damp cloth to prevent the spill from sinking into the porous marble and leaving a stain. If the stain is stubborn, you could remove it by rubbing a soft sponge or specially made wipers. If needed, you can rely on organic cleaning solvents that are mild with a damp sponge to clean your marble.
Oils spills can make the marble pretty easy and require slightly more effort as compared to liquid spills. Powder the oil spill area with some corn starch and leave it overnight. You can swipe it off the next day with an organic solvent soaked wet cloth. Once that is then, you can wipe off the surface clean with water.
A natural home remedy for removing stains from marble includes rubbing a grapefruit dipped in salt over the stain. This combination works together to remove stains and gives back the shine.

For Serious Dirt

Not regularly dusting off your marble interior can result in damage since sand, dirt and grit are abrasive and can affect the shine and smooth surface of the natural stone. If dust has accumulated on the marble, take one tablespoon of castile soap or vegetable-based dish soap and mix with a quart of warm water. Using this mixture, you can mop the surface well and finish with rinsing with clean, warm water. Dry the surface immediately to prevent water marks.

Sealing Marble For Extra Protection

Use a non-toxic marble sealer on the marble to prevent it from staining from food, water, oil and dirt. This also allows for easy cleaning of the marble’s surface. A light coat of colorless wax will protect the surface, but may turn yellow over time.

Get A Professional Touch Once In A While

To maintain your marble’s luster and enhance its stain-resisting capabilities, you can hire a professional to hone and buff your marble with wool.


The marble adds timeless beauty to your interior design space and therefore you should take extra precautions to prevent any damages that can mar the appearance.

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