Marble Shower

Keeping Your Marble Shower Clean

Marble is one of the most beautiful and elegant natural stones that can be used in bathrooms and showers.  However, it is a substance that can be scratched or damaged quite easily when cleaning, if you do not follow proper techniques and use the right cleaning chemicals.  Here are the “do’s” and “don’ts” that you need to know to keep your marble shower clean!


DO use a soft brush or sponge:  Because marble is prone to scratching, be sure to always opt for cleaning brushes and sponges that are soft in nature and that do not have abrasive finishes.

DO use a ph neutral cleaning solutions:  Cleaning solutions that are designed to remove soap scum and hard water stains can often be very acidic.  When selecting the right one for you, be sure to find one that is safe for marble surfaces, as well as ph neutral in its makeup.

DO keep your marble dry when possible:  After you shower, take a little extra time to wipe down the surfaces of your marble shower with a moisture absorbing towel or with a squeegee.  This will keep your marble from absorbing chemicals and dyes from the soaps and shampoos that you use, as well as protect it from mineral stains and deposits that can occur from water.

DO clean your marble regularly:  Some types of surfaces can tolerate going long periods of time between cleanings, without problems.  Marble, however, is not one of those surfaces.  One of the best ways to keep your marble looking beautiful and extending the life of it is by cleaning it often.


DO NOT use cleaners containing harsh chemicals:  Many typical bathroom and shower cleaners contain bleach, ammonia, or other harsh and abrasive chemicals that are not meant to be used on marble surfaces.  Despite their promises to remove stains, films, and soap scum quickly, do not use these types of cleaning solutions on your marble shower.

DO NOT use vinegar to clean marble:  Vinegar, considered an all-purpose cleaning solution, works well for most surfaces.  You should not, though, use it (even diluted) to clean your natural marble shower.  The high acidity in vinegar can etch and damage the marble finish and leave it looking dull.

DO NOT neglect to seal your marble regularly:  While many people consider sealing marble to be maintenance, it is also very important when it comes to keeping the marble clean.  Freshly sealed marble will resist stains and not be as likely to absorb chemicals or other damaging by products of soaps, shampoos, or cleaners.

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