Outdoor Patio Decor

Summer Décor Items for Your Home’s Exterior

Summer is a season that brings people outdoors.  From sports and activities with the kids to gatherings and BBQ’s with family and friends; everyone seems to focus on “sprucing up” their outdoor living spaces this time of year.  So, whether your home is located on a pristine beachfront, situated high within the mountains or somewhere in between, here are some summer décor items that are must haves for your home’s exterior.


While not often considered a “décor” item, it is essential that you have an outdoor area where friends and family can sit comfortably and socialize.  Ideas to consider include traditional patio furniture, porch swings, garden benches, deck chairs, wicker outdoor couches, or even cozy hammock swings.  Choose colors and styles that fit in with your home’s décor, making the outdoor space an extension of the indoors.  Don’t forget to add finishing touches like cozy cushions, accent pillows, or even blankets or throws.


Although summer days are typically longer, summer nights can be just as popular for outdoor living. When planning your summer décor, be sure to include the category of outdoor lighting.  Lanterns, candles, twinkling string lights, outdoor chandeliers, or even a fire pit or outdoor fireplace make great options that are both unique as well as useful.


Color is a huge component in creating a beautiful outdoor space this summer.  To easily add pops of your favorite shades, add groupings of planters around your deck, patio, or porch areas.  Planters are great because they can be filled with colorful and fragrant flowers or shrubs of your choice, they can be moved and rearranged to make the space feel fresh and new, and they can be found in nearly any color, size, and style to match your home.


Summer is about relaxation and enjoying yourself outdoors.  Enhance this experience by adding outdoor décor items to your home’s exterior that provide tranquil and soothing sounds.  Fountains or small bubbling water features are popular for this reason, as well as wind chimes.  If you prefer more natural sounds, consider adding décor items that attract singing birds, croaking frogs, and chirping crickets to your yard.


Every outdoor space deserves a bit of self-expression.  Wall areas or fences close to your outdoor space are great for hanging repurposed frames or windows on, decorating with flat metal masterpieces, or even adorning with painted murals.  If you don’t have a wall or fence area, consider adding art to your floor or garden space with sculptures, stone accent pieces, or even flower pot art.  No matter what…or where…your art is, make your home’s exterior decor creative and special!

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