How to Select the Right Floor Tile

How to Select the Right Floor Tile

Sometimes it’s only one element of a room that can change your whole design game. Feel like your bathroom or living room space needs a refresh? Some new flooring may just do the trick.

There are many tiling options available for every room of your house. No matter what look you’re going for, there are endless colors, sizes, and styles – but, where do you start?

You can update your room in an instant with new flooring, but there are several things to consider, like the area of the home your tiles are going in and what materials you wish to use. Here are some things to keep in mind when selecting your next floor tile.

Where are you Laying Tile?

There are several considerations before choosing your dream tile. The material you choose must be suitable for the room which you’re redoing the flooring for. For example, if you are laying tile in a bathroom, know that a polished finish will likely be too slippery for a space that will endure wet floors. On the other hand, if you are laying tile in the kitchen, you’ll want to choose a stone material that will withstand food and drink spills, as well as potential heat damage.

Kitchen Tile Ideas

Whether you consider yourself a master chef, or a less-than-skilled artist in the kitchen, your flooring is going to want to stand up against a lot of culinary abuse. Dropped pots, hot water, stains and spills are just some of the common habits of a kitchen-dweller. Because of this, you’re going to want to choose a durable tile. Anything from granite and slate to travertine and limestone will work for durability. Marble can also be a good choice if you’re quick to clean the occasional spill.

Bathroom Tile Ideas

When it comes to your bathroom, choose durable tiles that are easy to clean and feel great on your feet, such as limestone. Floor space plays a part in choosing a proper tile for any room in your house. For example, oversized travertine tile appears sleek and chic in a living room, but it doesn’t garner the same results when your bathroom can only fit in two of the tiles. Smaller sized floor tiles, like intricate cement tiles, are great space-pleasers and look great in any size bathroom. Marble is also a classic and luxurious choice for bathroom floors, and will add a hint of opulence to the space – just be sure to get a more matted finish to avoid slippery floors.

Living Room Tile Ideas

When it comes to living room flooring options, there are plenty. Neutral-colored tiles, like Crema Europa limestone, are typically a big hit, as they can coordinate well with any type of existing décor, as well as flooring that may already exist in other rooms. Unlike bathroom floors, the living room is where you’ll want to place larger sized tiles in order to give the appearance of a more spacious room. Be sure to regularly sweep or vacuum natural stone tiles in high traffic areas like your living room in order to prevent dulling.

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