Design Trends We’re Looking Forward To in 2018

Last year held many home design favorites such as minimalistic decor, sleek marble, and jewel tones. Home design lovers can still unite, because 2018 is bringing in new home trends that will have some bounding for joy.

This year home design is taking inspiration from natural materials such as marble and granite stone, green color palettes, and the 70s.
This month’s blog talks about some of our favorite 2018 home design trends: copper, natural materials, green color palettes, the return of black and white decor, and boho/70s style revival.


Brass and Metallic Accents

Brass and other metallic materials are a huge home design trend for 2018. In fact, you may even see a revival of the previous “brass and glass” trends from days gone by. Brass is being heavily featured in homes for the New Year, adorning mirrors, light fixtures, bathroom faucets, and kitchen cupboard handles. From rustic to modern and sleek, you can use copper and other metallic accents in nearly every style.


Unexpected Marbles

Marble is a natural stone that will simply never go out of style. While many will be forever taken with classic Calacatta and Statuario marbles with their milky white backgrounds and deep grey veining, this year is all about out of the ordinary marbles. Marble comes in many other colors and designs than just grey and white.

We have a beautiful selection of colored marbles to help your space stand out in 2018. View our Rainforest Green marble, or a look that marries gold hues with deep reds and a green base for a visually breathtaking look. Or consider our Giallo Mares marble for a look that is soft and subtle, yet chic and unexpected.


Black and White Design Trends Returning

The classic combination of black and white is back and better than ever for 2018. This high-contrast look is going to take over walls, home styling pieces such as pillows and patterns, as well as cabinets. This trend is great because it adds depth and visual interest to any room. Incorporate this style trend into your kitchen counters and backsplashes using our gorgeous Athena White and Negro Marquina marbles.


Green Color Palettes

Green color palettes are big for the New Year. Specifically, olive, jade, and avocado shades. Bold green walls, sofas, and countertops are making a huge appearance this year.

This color palette is said to bring a cozy element to a room and will complement natural materials such as wood and marble. Follow this trend and check out some of our elegant green natural stones, such as Jade Onyx and Amazon to make your kitchen a vert oasis.


The 1970s Home Design Revival

Those who grew up in this decade may be surprised at this design trend for 2018. The 1970’s is back with a vengeance, bringing with it all things crocheted. With a modern twist, of course. Bright colors like warm yellows and deep apricot are making their way back into kitchens and living areas.

The 1970s home decor trend is coming back along with all things boho, or bohemian. Woven textures, curved furniture and great play with bold patterns are back on the style scene, making your space a fantastic playground to try new things.

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