Tips for Decorating a White-on-White Space

Tips for Decorating a White-on-White Space

White is a classic color that should never be confused with a boring one. This color is so popular in homes right now that people are matching their white walls with white home décor.

White on white continues to dominate in trends for home design due to its clean and minimalistic approach.

This style can be used in any room of the house to create a crisp and classic style. White is also versatile and can go with any style from antique to modern.


Are you ready to make your home fashion forward? We’re looking at trendy tips on how to decorate your home with the perfect white on white space.

Choose the Right Wall Color

Your base white is going to be the white paint you choose for your walls. You’ll want to be picky when it comes to this color, as something with gray undertones may look too muddy and a bright white may make your room look to stark or sterile. Choose a fantastic middle ground white such as Cotton, Eggshell, or Honeymilk. These colors have warm undertones that will make your room feel both bright and inviting. These are the perfect white shades to build your room around.

Don’t Stick to One Shade

White rooms shouldn’t feel cold; rather, they should feel inviting and homey. You can accomplish this look by playing with all different shades of white. Don’t be afraid to use pale grays and ivory tones in the same room. Stark, solid white accent pieces, such as a vase or lamp, can really pop against a creamy white background. Mix up your shades to make your room feel fresh and comfortable.

Play With Textures

Since you’re decorating with the same color scheme, it’s important to play with textures to keep visual stimulation. This will prevent your room from looking dull or drab. Create visual interest by using different textures and patterns. Examples of this would be a white shag carpet, white painted brick walls, smooth or metallic decor, and even gorgeous marble tiles.

Marble veining is a big style trend for fall 2016. Use natural marble tile as accent pieces in your room to add depth and elegance to your white on white space.

Gallery Walls Take Center Stage

Art galleries are usually white in color. This is because it allows the artwork to shine as the focal piece of the room. Mirror this effect by using your white walls to create a beautiful gallery. Hang abstract prints, watercolor art, or your favorite quotes in eclectic and embellished frames to create a beautiful gallery wall in your home. This is also a great way to incorporate pops of color into your white on white room.

White on white is a gorgeous decorating trend no matter what room you’re styling. Follow our tips to create the perfect lived-in room with a modern twist.

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