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How to Start a Home Redesign Project

Redesigning your home’s spaces can be exciting and fulfilling, but many people procrastinate starting a home design project because they simply don’t know where to start. If you have a home redesign project that you have felt overwhelmed with beginning, here are some simple steps to get you motivated and working toward your new space.

Get Inspired & Make A Plan

Good results for a home redesign project usually always begin with a solid plan and an inspired idea of what you want. Use websites, like Marmol’s Inspiration page and Pinterest to find ideas you like and then compile them into a plan that is practical for your space, functional for your lifestyle, and that you love. While you don’t have to plan every detail from the beginning, having a set of color swatches to go by and a general style will help tremendously. It also is a good idea to take window and room measurements to aid in shopping later on.

Take Inventory & Declutter

This may be the foundation mantra of nearly every home design expert, stager, or interior decorator when it comes to a new home redesign project. While some items that you currently have in your space will likely be reused, repurposed, or rearranged for your new design, nearly everyone has some excess to trim first…and the only way to decide this is with an inventory. The easiest way to accomplish this is to look at each item individually, as it relates to your overall design plan, and then make three categories. These are “keep”, “trash”, and “sell/donate”. Once you have systematically inventoried and gone through your furnishings, decor items, and other knickknacks, get rid of the unneeded items and you are ready to move forward!

Budget & Prioritize Your Spending

Depending on the size and scale of your home redesign project, getting the look you want may be more expensive than you think. In order to avoid spending surprises that could frustrate you and setback your redesign, make a budget early in the process and then prioritize what you will buy first. Online shopping sites that let you check prices and compare stores can be extremely helpful for this. If you begin your budget and find that it is too small for what you want to accomplish, it is much easier to make changes at this stage then later on. On the other hand, you may also find your budget allows for those upgrades you had not planned for as well.

Have Fun & Be Creative

While having a plan, making a budget, and being proactive in your home redesign project is vitally important, don’t be afraid to have fun with your style and make creative changes as you go. Some of the most beautiful rooms and designed spaces have elements that were spontaneous and innovative. Also, be sure to remember that redesigning your home is not only a project, but a process. Change, growth, and imperfections are just part of the journey!

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