Dream Kitchen Must-Haves

4 Dream Kitchen Must-Haves

For many families, the kitchen is one of the most important and multi-functional rooms of the home. From cooking weeknight dinners and serving afternoon snacks to socializing with friends and helping with homework, there are countless activities that happen in and around the kitchen space. While there are endless gadgets, innovations, and cool tools that might be on your “dream kitchen” wish list, be sure to include the following four must haves!


Abundant Countertops

Counter space in a kitchen is precious property, so be sure that you plan for as much as your space can reasonably accommodate. While you may not utilize every inch of it on a daily basis, having extra is always a luxury that will come in handy. Whether you are hosting a dinner party or holiday family gathering and need to spread out a serving line for guests, or like to involve the kids or your friends in meal prep and cook, extra countertop space one of our top dream kitchen necessities.

Double Duty Appliances

Managing the kitchen duties, especially when cooking for large families or guests, is often a juggling act, requiring good planning and precise timing. One dream kitchen must-have that helps make this less challenging is having double duty appliances. Double dishwashers allow you to run a load of dishes while still having space to load more, keeping the sink uncluttered. Double ovens accommodate multiple dishes being baked at the same time, with different temperatures and settings.  Oversized or double refrigerators help you stay organized and give you more space to store perishable items when shopping for a crowd.

Lavish Pantry & Cabinet Space

Nothing is worse than having a kitchen that is cluttered and difficult to organize. Make this task simpler by having a separate pantry area for food and plenty of cabinet space for everything else. Pantries offer lots of advantages, such as easy access to food items all in one place and really great organization potential. Having a designated pantry also keeps your regular cabinetry available for pots and pans, serving dishes, small appliances, and other miscellaneous kitchen gadgets and items.

A Large, Functional Island

Families just naturally seem to gather in the kitchen and having a generous sized island that can be utilized for many different purposes is a must-have. Kitchen islands help busy parents be able to pack a morning lunch while still being able to spend time with their kids while they eat breakfast. It provides a place for convenient homework help or arts and crafts oversight while preparing the evening meal. It also allows the host or hostess of a party to do necessary party prep, while still being able to socialize with friends. In a way, having a functional island bridges the gap between the kitchen and other areas of the home, adding to its value and appeal.

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