Color Coordinating Your Flooring with Your Décor

A sophisticated and chic flooring design in your home can speak volumes about your personality and aesthetic sense. The overall décor of your home does not depend upon the individual glamour and beauty of your décor, but it is actually enhanced by the coordination and rhythm they have in common.

Want to know how to create a strong impact with a floor that goes along with the walls, furniture and other décor at your place? Read on to get some handy tips and guidelines and happy decorating!

The Room

The room for which you are selecting the flooring plays a major role in deciding the décor. If it’s a bedroom, go for soft muted floor shades and pair them with contrasting walls, preferably in a darker tone. Add some funky and eclectic pieces here and there like a colorful rug to bring a little zing to the entire setting.

And if it’s your kitchen, experiment with matching flooring, cabinets and countertops crafted with sophisticated marble. You will have a hard time leaving the kitchen with all the beauty surrounding you!

Color Combination

Playing around with colors always has a pleasing effect on your mood. Experts agree that the colors around you have a significant effect on your emotions and personality; thus, the color scheme around your house requires a lot of attention from your side.

There are certain ways that you can use the colors of your floorings and surrounding to create, not only a comforting effect, but also an attractive and riveting appeal. Trust your instincts and design each room on the basis of your comfort level.

Living rooms should breathe freshness and sophistication, so try pairing some modern and contemporary flooring styles with equally mesmerizing walls and furniture. Let your creative juices flow and have fun. At the end of the day, you will be surprised at your own interior decorating skills.

Design Sense

Last but certainly not the least, the design that you have in your mind will let you channel your creativity and create an instantly uplifting effect. Marble flooring can help you create a variety of looks and moods through their grandeur and opulent finish, and it can strike a chord with any design idea that you have in mind!

For example, Crema Marfil marble, with its smooth finish and lustrous gleam, can be used in a wide array of settings to create a lasting impression. Whether it is a modern and chic look, a traditional and rugged style, or a contemporary country setting – marble, with its attractive appeal, can totally redefine the entire outlook of your home!

Accessorize the marble flooring with matching countertops, contrasting shelves and conceptual décor of your rooms in order to string a perfect story of harmony. Pair it with equally beautiful wall finishes or floor throws and you will be mesmerized with the beauty of your home.

So, don’t wait any longer and start experimenting with marble flooring to transform your house into your dream abode today!

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