Exterior Stone Tile Trends

The outside of your home demands as much attention as the inside. A little attention to exterior aesthetic appeal can make your home the center of attention and also increase its worth and value.

Stone tiles are a popular choice for outdoor units, and are frequently used in the patio, terrace, balcony and even pool decks.

The use of stone in exterior settings is particularly popular because of their rugged appeal, versatile designs and long term durability.

Searching for more ideas on how to revamp and redesign the exterior of your home through the best collection of tiles? Here’s a guide that will surely help you out.

A Vintage Look Always Works

When you are choosing stone tiles for your patio, balcony or pool deck, a vintage and rugged appeal can be an instant head tuner. Rustic yet unique, this type of tiling can provide a lasting finish and eye-catching detail to the exterior of your home. With a variety of options available in stone, you can choose hues, textures and designs that best compliment the overall look and appeal of your home and its surroundings.

Maintenance Requirements

Generally speaking, exterior tiles should be inherently low maintenance and resistant to strong environmental conditions and wear and tear. Stone is a clear winner in this account, as it is highly durable and provides a naturally aesthetic view, as well as low maintenance advantages all year round. It also provides natural friction and reduces the chances of slipping which is of extreme importance in a pool deck.

Diversity in Design

Another main advantage of employing stone tiles in your terrace, patio or pool deck is its diversity in design. The rugged appeal, in a wide choice of colors and textures, can easily work with a variety of architectural designs and styles. Coral Stone, Coliseum Stone, Coliseum Stone Rustic, Seashell, Ivory Travertine and St Croix Antique are just some of the top choices when it comes to exterior tile designs.

So whether you are going for an old world charm or a modern, contemporary look – stone tiles emerge as the perfect choice in every setting!

Versatility in Use

Stone titles not only prove to be a bankable investment that look great anywhere, but they are also highly versatile and can be used for a variety of innovative aesthetics. For example, you can create a paved look, or go for a customized waterfall using these stone tiles and slabs. At the end of the day, go with your favorite inspiration and design a creative outdoor setting that instantly grabs attention.

When in Doubt, Accessorize

Think your outdoors is still in need of an extra pop? Freshen up your terrace with some exquisite stone work. Stone busts and marble pots look great in terraces and balconies, especially when placed with suitable lighting.

And nothing can beat the glamour and sophistication of potted plants – play around with flowering shrubs and lush green climbers to complement the stone flooring and you will have your very own piece of paradise just outside your home!

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